You Thought Wrong (Harry Fanfic)

This is Peyton's last week of sophmore year at Mason High School, she never thought she would have a summer love, but one green-eyed boy shows her that she thought wrong...


1. The last week

   "Peyton, are you glad softmore year is almost over?" asked Avery, my best friend since the beginning  of 6th grade. " Well i'm exited for the summer long trip we're taking to Los Angeles, but I am going to miss everyone." I said particularlly thinking of Tyler, a guy that was a total jerk to me but I had secretly always liked, like not even Avery knew i liked him. " What about you?" I added, thinking exitedlly about what we were going to do on the summer trip. " Honestly... I just can't wait to get out of this hell-hole, people call the tenth grade!" I wasn't surprised by this answer I Knew this year had been hard for her, you see she wasnt the BEST student, then again neither am I, but thats not the only reason her year had been one of the worst, she goes through so many boyfriends a year it's hard to keep track, and even though she breaks up with them I can tell it's getting old to her. but, to be honest I would much rather her life, shes a competative cheerleader, with blonde hair, big green eyes, and shes the skinniest girl ever. and I swear every other day she tells me a new guy likes her. It kind of gets annoying to be honest, but of course im the only one who cares. But you gotta love her, shes like my sister. interrupting my thoughts Tyler came crashing into my arm, even though I secretly liked him I'm not very nice to him either, but he doesn't make my life a peice of cake. "  WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM!!!" I screamed making a couple of people glance at me, but I didn't care. But, of course as usual he didn't even acknowlage me and kept walking like it was no big deal. Man! I was really having second thoughts about this guy.

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