You Thought Wrong (Harry Fanfic)

This is Peyton's last week of sophmore year at Mason High School, she never thought she would have a summer love, but one green-eyed boy shows her that she thought wrong...


2. The last day/ arriving in LA

   A week had passed and it was finally the last day of my softmore year. I was staring at the clock in 8th period tapping my foot so rapidly waiting for the bell to ring i felt like it was going to fall off. Finally the bell rang and everyone jumped up as Ms. Davis said goodbye and to have great summer, honestly out of all the teachers at  this school I woulld miss her the most she was like the only cool one. But I needed to find Avery so we could get home, get our suitcases, and ge to LA! (skip airplane ride) arriving at LAX was one of the most exiting things ever, I could not wait to get to the hotel and have the time of my life here in LA... when we checked in at the hotel I noticed a boy in the lobby he looked as if he was with his friends and they were all about the same age as me it looked like, I had gotten held back 2 years so I was older than everyone in my grade. I had just seen him from behind, from what I saw he had dark curly brown hair, he was wearing white converse, cargo shorts, and a white v-neck. While I was examening this boy I noticed one of his friends with blonde hair look over at me and smirk then say something to the boy I caught myself staring at. Then, the curly haired boy turned around looked at me then started his way over. He had emrald green eyes, the most beautiful face, I couldn't help myself from blushing. When he got to me he leaned over to my right ear and said a simple "Hi", he leant back and smirked and said i'm Harry. I was surprised by his directness. But i kind of liked it. The raspiness in his voice sent chills up and down my body, and I was also quite surprised by his british accent, I havent met many british people but I liked them when I did. " and you are..." he said, with a slight laugh in his tone. "uh.. Peyton" I said running my fingers through my dirty blonde highlighted hair. " I like that... Peyton" he said to himself. " where are you from?" he asked trying to keep things from getting awkward. " Dallas" I said, " what about you" i said, well originally a town called holmes chapel in Britain, but me and my friends are kind of checking out LA to see if we want to live here permanetally. " oh wow, thats really cool" I replied, "these are my friends..." he said as they started walking up to us. " Niall, he said pionting to the blonde one, Liam, pointing to the boy with the batman shirt, zayn, he said pointing to the one carrying the floaties, and lastly my best mate, Louis, he said putting hismarm around the one with the striped shirt. they all shook my hand and greeted me one by one, exept Niall who had made his way over to Avery, and they were chatting up a storm. Now im not going to lie they werent a bad looking group of boys. So how long are you staying here I asked Harry, " the whole summer, and if we like it we will go back to britain get our things and find a place down here" " how long for you?" "oh, uh, im staying the whole summer as well but I wish I could have the choice to live here." " thats cool, um what room are you staying in love?" he asked, " room 6" oon the 3rd floor". ' okay this is too weird, we're staying in room 9 on the 3rd floor" " wow that is weird, well i guess we can go up together then." I said as we slowly made our way to the elevators, and we rode up together. when we reached the 3rd floor and the doors opened we saw the least expected, it was niall making out with Avery... this is going to be an interesting summer. 

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