You Thought Wrong (Harry Fanfic)

This is Peyton's last week of sophmore year at Mason High School, she never thought she would have a summer love, but one green-eyed boy shows her that she thought wrong...


4. our first date

 As we were walking back to our hotel from the beach Harry said " Oh my god, your hands are so small!" while he was raising his hand to mine, and man did he have freakishly big hands! " its not that my hands are small its that your hands are weirdly big! i said laughing. We stared at eachother for a little and then with our hands still against eachothers he intertwined our fingers together, and we started walking again. He asked randomly as we were just talking, " you wanna go out with me tonight?"

"of course i will harry, where are we going?"

" you'll see" he said smiling widley to where i could see his amazing dimples.

" okay, well how am i suppost to know what to wear"

"bring a bathing suit, but wiht clothes over the top" he said.

"omy my god, now im really nervous"



i got on a plain black bikini, jean shorts, and a pink tank top with a leather jacket, and white keds. I did my make up and straightened my hair, and waited for Harry to knock on the door. He was taking pretty long so I decided to turn on some music. I lost track of time and started dancing all around the hotel room and I hooked my ipod up to speakers and turned it up really loud. I did a crazy spin and when I angled at the door I stopped becuase I saw Harry standing there with his arms crossed leaning against the door frame. I. was. so. embaressed. He started clapping and laughing histarically. I turned off the music and put my hands in my face.

"sorry I uhh... lost track of time"

" its okay aha, lets just go"

"okay" I said giggling.

*skip caride*

we got to a trail that was behind a dirt road, it was already dark so i was kind of creeped out.

"isn't this the part where the syco guy jumps out and murders us?"

"no, haha, hes asleep" he said sarcastically

we got out of the car and he led me into the shack at this point i was so freaked out, then harry came up beside me put his arm around me and said "dont worry baby ill keep you safe" i felt myself smile and blush as we walked through the abandoned shack once we got out of it i was so surprised. I was a candle light dinner on a beach. " why would you go to all this trpuble for me" " ive never felt like this about someone before" he said.

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