You Thought Wrong (Harry Fanfic)

This is Peyton's last week of sophmore year at Mason High School, she never thought she would have a summer love, but one green-eyed boy shows her that she thought wrong...


3. getting to know him.

    Me and Harry looked at them, looked at eachother, and looked back. Of course she would go for him, shes always had a thing for blondes. But it didn't really bother me, I was kind of starting to like Harry. I kind of made me wish me and Harry were that close ;). Just then, Harry said, "keep it in your pants for once, you horny leprehcaun." I tried to keep in my laugh but I just couldn't, when he said that Niall and Avery jumped up and immediatley started to blush. "well, I should be getting to my room and unpacking" I said. "why don't I help you, i'll get Lou to unpack my stuff." he said hopefully. "okay." i said with a smile creeping on my face. As we were walking to my room Avery pulled me in and said " don't forget to doublebag it" she said winking. "ITS NOT LIKE THAT!" i said hitting her boob. "Mmhhmm, whatever you say" she said walking away with Niall. I rolled my eyes and walked to my room with Harry. Honeslty I wish it was like that, he was so hot! we went inside and I stood there in awe for a little, it was so pretty! but we went to my room, he put my suitcase on the bed, and opened it and of course the first thing he saw were my black lace frilly panties, I knew I shouldn't have packed those. I tried to grab them but Harry was to fast he raised them up and said, "what are these?" as he shrugged his eyebrows up and down. I tried to snatch them from him, laughing, but he was taller than me, and I had a terrible vertical. Then to my surprise Harry tripped and we both landed on the bed, Harry on top of me, face to face. He leaned in like he was going to kiss me, but just before our lips met he started laughing and whispered, " these are cute" and he shoved the panties in my face. He tried to get up but my legs were wrapped around his waist, and I was smirking. What was I doing I just met him like an hour ago! I'm not usually this straight-forward with guys but I wanted him so bad. Then he bent down and kissed me, before I knew it we were making out on the bed. I knew we were taking this way to fast but I was too caught up in the moment. Then I felt a bulge in his pants, he pulled away and said "i'm sorry". "Maybe we should just go for a swim in the beach." "yea, that would be fun" I said a little dissapointed but then again it kind of re-assured me that if we did end up in a relationship he wouldnt just be all "physical".

* I put on my cutest neon bikini out if my suitcase , i liked it because it made me look super tan. I put my hair up in a messy bun grabbed a towel and went in the hallway of the hotel to wait for Harry. He came out of his room which was across from mine seconds later. He just had his blue and white swim trunks on and a towel thrown over his shoulder. He was so toned, he smirked when he noticed I could not take my eyes off his body. But then again its not like his eyes weren't wondering. Then he moved closer and put his arm around me while we walked to the elevator. When we were in there it was super awko taco because there were a lot of people in there, me and Harry were pushed up against eachother and we were only in our bathing suits. But I knew he was enjoying it. we didnt stay at the beach for long but the  whole time we were together,  i found out that he was really fun, sweet, and funny. i found that hes all i wanted in a guy.

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