Niall's Little Sister He Never Knew He Had

When Mackenzie was young she was separated from her family and left on the streets until a man found her and taught her how to pick pocket. when she turned 18 she ran away . Since she already lived in London she set off for a new life. But when she tried to pick pocket someone he turned around just in time to catch her. Niall Horan sees her and she looks at him like she has seen him before but doesn't know why. Since she can only remember so much of the past. What will Happen Next? Will Niall find out the truth?


4. The Truth is Revealed

Mackenzie's POV

I woke up and looked around then I saw my drunk angry father staring at me.I quickly crawled into a corner. He got up and started yalking (talking and yelling I know smart right ha ha)at me.

-"What did you think was going to happen that I would come home and no notice you?" he questioned me.

-"Well I got tired of yo-" I said before he cut me off

-"No" he shouted and grabbed me then there was a knock on the door he whispered to me "Do you have anything to do with this"

-" No," I replied.

"Liar," he shouted and tossed me into the wall. Then we heard another knock on the door. He walked over and answered it.

Niall's POV

-"What do you want a man shouted at me and Liam after we knocked.

I looked inside and saw Mackenzie crying in pain. The next thing I knew I was off the ground being held by my shirt.

-"Put me down," I shouted.

-"OK," he said then tossed me against the wall by Mackenzie. Liam came running in but then the crazy man pushed him into the wall and he lied down by me.

-" What the hell are you doing here," I heard Mackenzie say.

-"We are hear to get yo-" I said before the drunk @#$%@ interrupted me to tell a story.

Charlie's POV

"Time you learned the truth about why you were left on the streets Mackenzie. Your family were in a crash a bad one so you were rushed to the hospital. Your mother in father were better in a couple days but your twelve year old brother him," I pointed at the blonde boy by her and continued my story," was better the day after but they didn't have enough money to keep their little girl so left her on the streets.The I took her in as my own" I finished the story.


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