Niall's Little Sister He Never Knew He Had

When Mackenzie was young she was separated from her family and left on the streets until a man found her and taught her how to pick pocket. when she turned 18 she ran away . Since she already lived in London she set off for a new life. But when she tried to pick pocket someone he turned around just in time to catch her. Niall Horan sees her and she looks at him like she has seen him before but doesn't know why. Since she can only remember so much of the past. What will Happen Next? Will Niall find out the truth?


1. The Plan That Changed A Life Forever

Mackenzie's POV

Today was the day before my life changed because tomorrow was my 18th birthday. My father walked in and asked,"What did you get today?" I answered "$40.00" and my father smacked me saying I need to bring way more than that. I was so sick of getting beat every time I come home. I ran to my room with tears in my eyes. That night I cried myself to sleep. It was finally morning the day my plan was going to be put to work. I walked out the door since my dad was out stealing money for breakfast. Then I realized I heard my dad screaming at me and running towards me. I quickly ran as fast as i could down the busy street I turned the corner and my dad kept running strait. I was starving so I saw a man walk out of a store I quickly put my skills into action. I sneaked up behind him and put my hand in his pocket. "yes" I said in my head but just then he garbed my wrist and looked at me. He said," What the hell do you think you are doing?" I could feel tears coming.

-I said," I was"

-" What is your name love?"

-I replied," Mackenzie." 

-"Where Do you live?"

-"No where I haven't had a home for as long as I can remember."

-"Why don't you come with me?" He said. I was shocked 

-"Wait I'm not gonna go with some stranger what if your a cereal killer"

- "Well I a sure you I'm not. My name is Niall why don't  we get you cleaned up?"

-"OK" I replied

Niall's POV

What just happened i thought to myself this beautiful girl just tried to steal  my wallet from me. I felt really bad that she had to live like this looking at her beautiful blue eyes and long brunette hair that looked so familiar to me but where have I seen it? So anyway I decided to take her in see if can help her.


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