Niall's Little Sister He Never Knew He Had

When Mackenzie was young she was separated from her family and left on the streets until a man found her and taught her how to pick pocket. when she turned 18 she ran away . Since she already lived in London she set off for a new life. But when she tried to pick pocket someone he turned around just in time to catch her. Niall Horan sees her and she looks at him like she has seen him before but doesn't know why. Since she can only remember so much of the past. What will Happen Next? Will Niall find out the truth?


3. The First Sign Seen

Mackenzie's POV

I woke up and walked out onto the hallway but noticed something in the corner of my eye. I stopped and turned my head and thought what is that looking at a room. I walked towards it and opened it. My jaw dropped it was amazing. There was a great big black piano, a couple of guitars, and drums. I looked at all taunting me. I decided to take the guitar and start playing my favorite song.

My mama told me not to waste my lifesShe said spread your wings my little butterfly don't let what they say keep you up at nightaAnd they can't detain you'Cos wings are made to fly and we don't let nobody bring us down no matter what you say it won't hurt me don't matter if I fall from the sky tThese wings are made to fly

I heard something and turned and saw Liam standing there in the doorway. I apologized for using the guitar without pro mission.

-"No problem," Liam said.

-"Wow your Voice is-" Liam said then cut him off.

-" I have a terrible voice I know" I said.

-"Hell no your voice is amazing," Liam said.

Liam's POV

How could she think her voice was terrible in fact it sounded familiar I thought to myself. It sounds like Niall's except girl version is it possible their related? I asked myself.

-Why don't you come down stairs for breakfast?" I asked

-"OK, but don't tell Niall I was up here," she said

-"Why?" I asked

-" I don't think he would want me in here'" she said 

-"Why not?" I questioned.

-"Because I'm not the trustworthy type you see long ago my family abandoned me on the streets and a man took me in but he was mean and would come home drunk and abuse me and the only thing he taught me was to not trust anyone and how to pick pocket. There happy," she said crying and ran out of the room.

Mackenzie's POV

I ran out of the room and saw Niall just standing outside the door listening to everything.

-"You JERK!! " I screamed at him "You just stood there and listened to the hardest thing I ever had to say."

then ran to my room and locked the door. I heard them trying to get me to open up. I decided to leave. I got dressed in a striped shirt, some skinny jeans, vans, and a hat. I climbed out the window and luckily it was close to the ground. I jumped down I turned around before I could call for help I was Smacked and kicked and finally fell unconscious.

Niall's POV

I walked downstairs and sat down and put my head against the window and saw Mackenzie being thrown over a mans shoulder and being carried away. I quickly jumped up and grabbed my keys.

-Where are you going all of a sudden?" Liam asked

-Mackenzie is in  trouble," I replied

Liam jumped up and we ran out to the car  and drove after the man with Mackenzie.


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