Life As We Know It

Hey my name is Khally Carter and I have some news. I am Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend! It was hard at first but we goot through all of the leaving and interviews and all of that. Anyway, this is about our lives and how we cope with that. Also could this be true love or will it all go downhill? Find out in 'Life As We Know It'.


2. The Months Gone By/Welcome Home!

Khally's P.O.V.

Well it has been a month since Louis left. I have been very lonely. We text everday and he calls me every day and we Skype and all, but it is jusut not the same as him being here. I am now a month and a half pregnant and the morning sickness has started and I cry when I puke which makes it worse. Louis won't be home for another four to five months. I am scared to be alone that long. I will be five or six months pregnant so I will have a big baby belly.

(3 months later)

Louis' P.O.V.

I miss Khally so much. I just wanna spend my time crying in my room. I spend all of my time texting her orcalling her. When we are sitting in the hotel room I just sit by myself in my room. Today, I was sitting in my room when Harry and Liam walked in and sat on either side of me. "Hey mate, how you feelin'? "Liam askedme quietly. "I miss Khally, alot," I replied sadly. "Yeah, I  know mate but it wontbe long then you can hug her again." Harry piped in. "Dude we have two more months of the tour left!" I snaped at him. He looked hurt from me yelling at him. "Hazz... I am sorry I am just sad," I sighed."It's alright I felt the same way when I dated Samantha." he slouched. URRGG!!! I hated Samantha. She was such a bitch to me and the rest of the boys. Sheonly dated Harry for his fame and money. Anyway, they left so I went to bed. It was only nine-thirty but I was tired.

(2 months later)

Khally's P.O.V.

Louis is coming home today. I am picking him up at one thirty this afternoon. When I woke up it was eleven o'clock. Shit I have to shower and get ready! I jumped in the shower and I washed my hair and shaved. I got out and went to fing a dress to wear since it was summer and I was six months pregnant. I slippedon my flip flops and was out the door after I brushed my hair and did my makeup. Istopped for some Dairy Queen and was off to the airport. I got there just in time, I had gotten there five minutes to one thirty. When the plane landed I waited to see the boys, when I saw Louis I ran as fast as my pregnant legs would carry me, which ended up being a fast walk towards Louis. When I reached Louis he gave me a big kiss and a hug and I hugged the other boys and gave them each a kiss on the cheek. After that we went home and hung out.


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