Life As We Know It

Hey my name is Khally Carter and I have some news. I am Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend! It was hard at first but we goot through all of the leaving and interviews and all of that. Anyway, this is about our lives and how we cope with that. Also could this be true love or will it all go downhill? Find out in 'Life As We Know It'.


1. Goodbye Louis

Khally's P.O.V.

Well today Louis leaves for the Take Me Home tour. I woke up to the faint smell of bacon coming from downstairs. I got up and slumped down the stairs in just Louis'shirt and my underwear. "Morning baby," I sighed. As I got my breakfast I felt his strong grasp on my waist and his soft lips on my neck. That is when I heard the clearing of four throats. I turned to the table to see the rest of One Direction at my kitchen table. "Hey boys," I said as I sat on Louis' lap. "Hey." they mumbled with mouths full of food. When we finished eating I went and showered and then put on the angry birds tank top that Niall had bought me for mybirthday and some black yoga pants with my purple lululemon hoodie and rainbow high top DC's. I brushed my medium length wavy blonde hair and did my light foundation and some eyeliner with mascara. Vwalla, I am ready to cry, thank god my make up is waterproof. I went downstairs and followed the boys to the car. We dropped Zayn at Perrie's apartment so that he could ride with her. Liam went to Danielle's for the same reason and Harry and Niall rode with us becausethey dont have girlfriends. Poor them. Any way, we got to the airport forty-five minutes early so we had to stop for food for Niall.


Louis' P.O.V.

Well when we got to the airport we had forty-five minutes to kill so Niall said he was hungry so we went to get some food. Khally seemed really out of it and depressed. Even more than she usually is. So I pulled her over towards the hallway leading to the bathrooms. "Baby, whats wrong your more out of it than usual. Are you okay?" She mumbled something and then looked down. "Baby, look at me," She looked up with teary eyes. "Khally, baby whats wrong?" I was really worried she is nevere this depressed when I leave. "We are going to miss you," she sobbed quietly. "We? What do you mean we?" I was very confused. She just pointed at her stomach and I face palmed myself and hugged her. "I'm sorry." I whispered in her soft hair. "No, don't be, I am happy to be pregnant but I have weird hormones and it will be hard when morning sickness hits." "Yeah hunny I know." just then the announcer called over the inter-com that it was time for my plane to board. She began to cry even harder. "Hunny don't cry I will call you everyday, text you all day everyday and Skype you every night, okay?" "Okay," she wiped her eyes and followed me out and watched me boardmy plane. I looked back as we got through security to see her blow me a kiss, I blew one back and baorded my plane to America.

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