Bullies That Belong to Me

my life isn't so easy. Hi, my name is Ale (pronounced Al) and there 5 guys that I'm pretty sure you know. Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan. They are always constantly beating me. My life is complicated and confusing, no one will ever understand how hard it is being me. Unless, of course, I tell you. But you can't tell anyone. This is what happened...


9. Chapter 9

Louis's P.O.V.         I woke up in the morning with my arms around Ale. Her head was on my shoulder. I looked down and smiled. She was a beautiful girl. Her hazel eyes that sparkle, her blonde hair, high cheek bones, her smile is what gets me a lot. She is just so... perfect. She started to wake up and she lifted her head. She looked up at me and I smiled. "I-I-I'm sorry, I didn't realize.." "It's okay," she smiled at me and got up. I got up and went to the kitchen and she followed. "Want anything to drink?" I asked. "Yeah, orange juice?" "Coming right up," she laughed a little. "What's so funny?" I asked her. "You," "Oh you mean this," I crossed my eyes and made a face. She just laughed even harder. I poured her a glass of orange juice and handed it to her. Zayn entered the kitchen. He was walking, and he bumped into Ale. Ale dropped the glass and it broke. She just looked down and back up. "Nobody move!" I said. I walked slowly over to the sink and grabbed a rag the broom and dust pan. Before I did anything I went over to Ale. I picked her up and moved her by the table. I went over and got all the glass. "Ow!" "Louis! Are you okay?" Ale ran by my side. "Ale stay back, I don't want you getting hurt," she slowly got up and back away. I finished with the glass and looked at my arm. There was blood all over it. Ale grabbed my other arm and pulled me to the bathroom.

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