Cassidy was on the run from the one who knew her most. It all started when she drove her sister and her friends to the One Direction concert. Little did she know, Cassidy would meet someone who would change her life forever. He befriended her, he loved her, he saved her. His name is Harry Styles.


27. Yes




On our drive back, it was quiet. I didn't mind it that much, because I had a lot on my mind. I'm back at my career and that's all that matters. I can't believe that they needed me... It makes me feel so important, you know?



"I'm dropping you all off. Cassidy and I need to talk to her parents about moving in." I nod and completely forgot. Everyone groaned and they unloaded their things and themselves from the car. I hop to the front seat, next to Harry.



"It feels so nice to be home. This is how it's supposed to be." I lean in to kiss him. 



"Before you do that, I want our first kiss back to be walking through the door, bride style." I laugh and nod. "Then let's drive fast and pray my parents don't care. I'm 19, anyway." And we sped to my street. A 10 minute drive turned into a 5 minute one. 



I knocked on the cold door, waiting for an answer. Immediately, my mom and dad bring me into their arms. I felt so warm. 



"I missed you guys. This is Harry, my boyfriend." They unhand me and my dad gives him a nasty look. Did I mention that he's overprotective to Harry? I think I did.



"Nice to meet you both." Harry shakes their hands politely and they let us in. Nathan and Liz come stomping down stairs. I heard my name being screamed. I was then suffocated by them both.



"Woah wait, why is One Direction in here?" Nathan asks as Liz awes over him. She hugs him tighter than I've ever seen her hug anyone.



"Harry is my boyfriend. He has been for a while now... Look I'm 19 and old enough to live on my own," I say to my mom and dad. "But I know you don't want me to. Harry and I have been together for several months secretly and he has an apartment above his studio-"



"Actually Niall is house hunting for all of us." My parents both smile.



"You're old enough, we love you. Go pack." I must of said thank you a dozen times. Liz kept giving me this look... And Nathan kept giving Harry this look.

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