Cassidy was on the run from the one who knew her most. It all started when she drove her sister and her friends to the One Direction concert. Little did she know, Cassidy would meet someone who would change her life forever. He befriended her, he loved her, he saved her. His name is Harry Styles.


5. Wish I Stayed Home


I open my eyes and untangle myself from Harry. "Harry? Wake up!" I whisper and he doesn't budge. Wow.... Heavy sleeper huh? My phone rings and I answer it.

"Hey (:" I exclaim.

"G'morning Beautiful!" I smile once I realize its Austin.

"G'morning my Prince Charming." I hear him laugh.

"Who is it?" I hear Harry yawn.

"My boyfriend, Austin." I answer. He rolls his eyes.

"I have something -fun- for us tonight. Are you going to class today?" Austin says.

"Nah. I got this. They wont notice! So now its summer?"

"Yes ma'm! Come by around 10." I smile

"Ill be there." I hang up.

"Whats so bad about Austin?" I laugh. "I saw what he sent you." I start to blush. "Erm...Well hes my boyfriend Its no biggy. Its not what you- uh think." I lie. "Have fun then. Bye." He walks out of my door as I hear a car start. Wow, overprotective much?


10 O ' C L O C K  P.M


I pull into Austin's driveway looking all cute. My hair up in a messy bun with just a hoodie and nike shorts. I was changing into that outfit anyway. My phone rings for the 3rd time today.

"Harry stop calling. IM just doing homework." I lie. I feel bad to but I hate when people think I don't know what could happen.

"Okay. I believe you, Cassie. I do care about you like you're my own-. Nevermind." He hangs up. His what? Whatever it is I will never know. I walk inside and see Austin lighting a candle. "Just go upstairs. Everything is on my bed." I smirk and sway my hips into his room. I put on the black ripped fishnet leggings, mini skirt, see through belly shirt, thong and laced bra. I decide to dim the lights and get in a sexy pose. I lay at the end of the bed and put on knee up. Perfect. He walks in and smirks. "Ready for the photoshoot?" He asks. Photoshoot..? "Uhm. Sure!" I get up against the wall. No wonder there was a camera and tripod! Duh, stupid me.  But why..?

He takes off his shirt. "Unless you want to make a movie too?" He smiles. "I suppose..." I laugh. We take some pictures and he moves the camera facing the bed. "You were serious?" I ask. What the fuck? This is weird. "Yeah, its you first time right? Lets capture it!" He kisses me and takes off my clothes and I pull down his pants. I moan as he kisses my neck. He gets on top of me. I stop kissing him as I get a text from Harry. "What?" He asks. I read the text:

-Where are you? Im at your house and your brother said you left.-Harry

"I gotta go im sorry." I gets heavier and it gets more painful. "You're NOT leaving." He yells.

"Get off of me!" I scream. "This is what ive been wanting. Stay here damn it!" He slaps me. I gulp as tears roll down my cheeks. I should've stayed home.

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