Cassidy was on the run from the one who knew her most. It all started when she drove her sister and her friends to the One Direction concert. Little did she know, Cassidy would meet someone who would change her life forever. He befriended her, he loved her, he saved her. His name is Harry Styles.


10. What The..?


She rambled out of the car. She swayed away. Something wanted me to grab her arm to keep her from leaving. I wanted to tell her to come back. I wanted her warmth with mine. I would live to see her eyes flutter one last time. I wanted to lay with her on my chest, kissing her over and over. I wanted her.

I groaned and took my car off park. I moved my curls out of my face and drove back to mine.




"Austin raped you?" James's eyes widened. He looked confused. He put down his blunt.

"Sadly, yes. We went to file the report an-"

"We?" James sat at the end of his chair. I sat leg-crossed while braiding my hair. I stop braiding it and look at James smiling.

"Harry." I giggled. He shoved me a little.

"Harry? Who's Harry? Harry Styles?" He joked. His voice coated in sarcasm. I shove him hard.

"No not Styles! Just...a Harry, okay. A good friend." I didn't want to admit to anything. I looked crazy. I had no proof, anyhow. He hit it easily; his face was full of satisfaction. He puffed the smoke and ash into the air. The leafy stench made me cough.

"Girls cannot handle the smoke." He mocked the guy from the Breakfast Club.

"Shut up! Yeah they can." I regretfully breathe in the smoke.

"Really? Then take a life-saver." He held the blunt out carefully. I looked at it, the end full of eye itching fire. The ashes collapsing to the ground.

"Fine then. Just once." I snatch it from his hand. I hold it in between my lips and breathe in. I inhaled the pot, the smoke soothing life. I take it out and hand it to him.

"Nice one, West. Ill light you one before your dad comes home." He takes out his bag of weed.

"Im good." I lie. Nathan walks out to the back.

"Hey Nathan." I grab the little baggie and hide it in my pants. James takes the bug spray and gushes it everywhere.

"Uh hey." He said stuffed up. His allergies im guessing.

"Hey Cass, im staying at Drakes tonight. Im going to Lily's real quick and if Drake comes by, keep him company. Oh and James, time to go buddy." James gets up.

"Bye Cassidy....and Nath." He hugs me. He exit through the gate. Nathan follows and then I hear sounds of starting cars. I take out the baggie of green. The drug warm from my body. I grasped it tightly. I zipped open my purse to find an empty lip stick tube and left the baggie in there. I took the lighter James left and placed it in the tube with it. I couldn't believe I was doing this. I tip-toed inside. Liz was watching TV with Lucy.

"1D! YEEE!" They screamed in happiness. I sat down suddenly interested.

"Harry Styles with a girl at his photo shoot! Girlfriend or just his girl friend? Who knows? We have a blurry picture to prove it!" A picture of the back of Harry and I shot up. Liz looks confused.

"She has your shoes, Cass! And hair, and I think that's your shirt." She squints.

"Not me."

"I didn't think it would. No offense, but youre NOT pretty enough for Harry at all." Lucy says rudely. I get up annoyed and as I do, the door rings.  I open to see Drake.

"Hey Drake. Nathan is at Lily's. He'll be back soon. He said to keep you company." Drake smiled and stepped in. My purse drops and everything inside scatters.

"What the hell, Cassidy?" He picked up my lip stick tube, exposing the lighter and the baggie. I face palmed myself.

"Its not mine. Im holding it for James." I grab everything and outside.

"Ill keep your secret!" He yells as I slam the door. I take out my phone and text Harry.



-Can we hang out? Im still scared about Austin.- Cassidy

-I was about to go to your flat anyway. Be there in a second. xx- Harry


I see his car glide down the road. I wave and watch him smile.



She waved and I grinned back. I really and truly liked Cassidy. I parked in the road and ran to her, wanting to feel her body.

"Hey!" She said as I wrapped my arms around her. I gripped her into a hug. I let go immediately in my stupidity. She laughed and brought me to her door.

"I cant let you in." She said as I listened to teenagers scream at the TV.

"I can see that. I have to tell you something. I cant find the words but.......I don't know." I rammed on and on. She put her hand to my mouth.

"Quiet, Styles. Don't use words then. Just do what you feel." She said smiling getting closer to me. I pulled her in. She grabbed my shirt and took over. Our lips created something bigger than sparks. They created the 4th of July. I heard a screech as the door swung open.

"HARRY IS KISSING MY SISTER!" A girl yelled. They pulled us apart.

"Cassidy! WHAT THE FUCK? HARRY IS MINE!" Another girl screamed.

"Lucy calm down." Cassidy ordered.

"Fuck you! Unless Harry already did." She slammed the door.

"Shes a little obsessed. Hi Harry." The other went inside along with the other.

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