Cassidy was on the run from the one who knew her most. It all started when she drove her sister and her friends to the One Direction concert. Little did she know, Cassidy would meet someone who would change her life forever. He befriended her, he loved her, he saved her. His name is Harry Styles.


7. The Report

Cassidys pov

My eyes open as I scan the room. Harry was already out of bed; I heard him in the kitchen. I pushed off the covers and kicked them to the end. I then sat up and step by step made it to the kitchen.

"G' Morning." Harry yawned while passing me a cup of chocolate milk. "Morning. Thank you." I took a gulp of the chocolate beverage and sat it down on the table.

"So when do you need the money again? And how much?" He asked pulling out his wallet.

"In a week, just about. Im not sure, really. Its a Cali Ferrari so maybe $195,840 and for taxes.... $300?" I slam my head to the table guarding my face with my hands. I groan in stress. I hate Austin with all of my heart. I couldn't care less about him.

"Cassie.. Look I have it all." Harry pats my back. All of it..?

"I don't want your money anymore," I admit. "it wouldn't be right. Im just

going to report him to the authorities." I sat up straight.

"You might need... clothes?" He laughs. I shower and get dressed into a laced beige dress with a jean jacket, mocossins, and a belt. My hair natural and wavy, just how I like it.

"Im ready." I exclaim as I grab my purse, the things inside of it jingling.

"Lets go." Harry clacks his keys and we chit chat all the way to his car. Now we're off for payback.



We parked in the lot and ran inside, excited to give Austin his time in jail.

"Hello, are you reporting?" A man asks shaking our hands. I nod and he points to a room with a barred windowed door. We step inside where another man sits.

"Hello, call me Officer L. What do you need?" He spins his chair in our direction. We sit down in the seats across him. The wood was cold on my thighs. I never thought Id sit in such a place.

"My ex boyfriend of 5 months sexually assaulted me and threatened me." I look down ashamed in myself. I felt like Im doing something wrong. In a way, I felt he was mine still.

"Tell me everything you know." He readjusts his sitting arrangement.

"Im Cassidy West. I am 19 years old, currently a model for Hollister. My ex boyfriend Austin Lemm is 19, also. 2 nights ago we planned to have sex. As I tried to leave he assaulted me. He slapped me and forced me to have sex with him. He then handed me this if I didn't give him money for a wrecked Ferrari, taxes and extra." A tear left my eye. I handed the officer the paper Austin gave me.

"He wanted you to become a prostitute?" I nod as Harry comforts me with his arm around me.

"And you sir, you contribute how?" He points to Harry. 

"She stayed at mine last night. I saw messages from him to her a few days prior. He sent her a picture of him holding black lingerie." He looked back at me. I turned on my phone and flipped to the picture.

"Thank you for reporting. Ill consider this report." He carried on with his work.

"Consider? You must do something!" Harry blurted out. I shushed him.

"What he means is, what do you mean consider?" I ask stomping my foot.

"Ill consider it. He may get in trouble, he may not. Im leaning to not." He shrugs like it was nothing. Why wouldn't he?

"Why? He RAPED ME! He ABUSED ME! He wants me to participate in ILLEGAL acts!" I scream. Harry pulls me back.

"Austin needs to get into Harvard next year. This would ruin my son." He shoos us out. Son?
"Son?! He said you left! You can just not arrest someone!" I yell.

"I can and I will. I left his house, its his. His mother and I divorced, silly child. Run along." He shoos us out.

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