Cassidy was on the run from the one who knew her most. It all started when she drove her sister and her friends to the One Direction concert. Little did she know, Cassidy would meet someone who would change her life forever. He befriended her, he loved her, he saved her. His name is Harry Styles.


3. Photoshoot


We soon approach to a black, metal door and we walk inside. To my right I see 5 clothing racks, im guessing for each guy, and 2 dressing rooms with LOUIS and LIAM printed on the door in a star. To my left I see 3 more dressing rooms with the names HARRY, NIALL, and ZAYN craved in fine gold stars on each door and 2 tables with a few chairs, and some props. I look straight forward and see a white background but to the side there are about a dozen more. I see a camera and a man operating it with big fancy lights facing it. Wow, my photo room is not this big!

"Harry, get up there!" A girl yells as she places her coffee on a table. Harry scurries along to the clothes rack and takes off his purple JACK WILLS hoodie and replaces it with a nice black blazer to go with his white shirt and blue jeans. I sit in a chair closest to the set to watch. Harry casually poses and smiles with the other boys. I chuckle a little. I tend to do that a lot.

~~~~30 m i n u t e s  l a t e r «3

"Good job boys!"Paul highfives the each of them and leaves the room until its just Harry, a boy with black hair, dyed red hair, blonde hair, brown hair and I. "Well Cassidy, this is Zayn," He points to the one with the black hair. "Lou," The one with the red. "Niall," blondie. "and Liam." the brunette. "Nice to meet you!" Lou shakes my hand. "Nice to meet all of you! My sister loves you guys." They smile. My phone rings. "Erm, one second sorry."


"Cassidy its me Austin."

"Austin! Hey!" I laugh

"So boo, where you be?" He gets all ghetto; he knows that breaks me into full on laughter.

I laugh, "I be at a photoshoot with some friends." Harry is looking at me as im talking.

"Oh, well I got you something special. Exciting for me and you."
I think, "What is it?"

"Ill send a picture. Bye babe I gotta go."

"Bye love." I hang up. "Wheres the bathroom?" I ask. "There is one down this room on the right." Zayn replies. I nod, "Thank you," I leave my phone and go to the bathroom.


I sit down in a chair and see Cassie's phone. It beeps as a picture pops up. From a boy named Austin, and in this so called "picture" its a man holding up black hooker clothes. That is revolting. I make a face of disgust as it grabs the other boys' attention. "Damn, lucky guy!" I hear Niall mumble. "He gets Cassie, in that. Who is he?" Lou says. "Who cares. Its stupid anyway. Cassidy can have fun with him." I say angrily as i cross my arms and sit back in the chair. "Why do you care so much? You're not her boyfriend." Zayn says. "Maybe he likes her. Haz-Paz likes Cas-Jas!" Liam shouts as they all laugh. "No, I just met her. I think its so bloody stupid!" I yell. "Whats going on?" Cassidy says as she walks back in.


"Whats going on?" I ask after I hear Harry scream. "Nothing..." Niall says as their faces get red. "I have to go guys. Sorry. If you want to hang out or talk just call me." I grab Harry's phone and add my number. I take an ugly contact picture of myself sticking out my tongue. "See yah lataaa!" I leave..





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