Cassidy was on the run from the one who knew her most. It all started when she drove her sister and her friends to the One Direction concert. Little did she know, Cassidy would meet someone who would change her life forever. He befriended her, he loved her, he saved her. His name is Harry Styles.


4. Hanging out


"Miss Cassidy, sit up!" Professor Tucker snaps. "Yes ma'm.." I lift off of my hand and sit up straight. I look at my paper and all I see is calculus. Numbers, letters, and lines everywhere! I couldn't concentrate. I was lucky class was going to end in 3,2,1! FREEDOM!

I walk through the building's front door and I spot Austin through the crowd. "Babeee, how was the new p.f?" He asks as he kisses my lips softly. "Terrible! I didn't want the break to end. And my old one was better." He snatches my hand and we walk to his car. Just tomorrow and no more college! I cant believe youll be on your third year next year!" He says. I sigh. "But itll be your last." He shakes it off. "I don't care, ill be with you anyway." We get in the car and I get a text from Harry.

-Hey Cassie its me Harry. Whats up?

-Just finished my class and im going back to my parents house for the summer. How about you?

-Just got done rehearsing. What college do you go to?xx

-University Of Southern California. Its here in LA (:

-Want to hang out?

-Sure! Meet me at my parents house? 2050 N Edgemont St, Los Angeles, CA 90027

-Ill meet you there shortly xx bye

I smiled when I looked down at my phone. "Try to hurry please. I have to hurry. Uhh doctors appointment." He nods and goes or 30 to 50 in 10 seconds. Here I come~


"Thanks for the ride, baee" I kiss him and go inside. "Cassidy! Heey!" I see my brother, Nathan and his best friend Drake watching tv. "Great...Hey!" I give them hugs. "Wow its cool down here!" I hear a young boy say. Then I see 'Liz walking with him. She smiles at me and I give her a thumbs up. "Hey Tyler, this is my sister Cassidy. Cassie, this is Ty." I nod and shake his hand and he smiles. His green eyes sparkled. He flipped his blonde, bieber hair when made my sister melt. "Ill leave you two."I walk away.


I rush to the door and see Harry with a movie, The Breakfast Club. "Heey, I brought a movie over." I smile. "I love that movie! Lets go watch it. Ill get some snacks." I lead him to my room and I get a 2 liter bottle of pink lemonade and some icecream. I bring up the stuff including 2 cups also some bowls and sit down next to him on the ground.

"I love icecream, especially mixed." I hand him a bowl. "Why thanks you, Cassidy." He says formally. "Your welcome, Harry." I say back. We laugh and star watching it. We shared spoons, drinks, and by the end of the movie we fell asleep wrapped in eachothers arms...

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