Cassidy was on the run from the one who knew her most. It all started when she drove her sister and her friends to the One Direction concert. Little did she know, Cassidy would meet someone who would change her life forever. He befriended her, he loved her, he saved her. His name is Harry Styles.


12. Guilt


The rust under the bench stained my fingernails. The horrific stench in this waiting cell from the thousands of people who sat here before me. Guilty people, regretful people, innocent people, and people who 100% belong here. I was one of the innocents, the ones who cant make it past a huge stump.

"In there, Bridges!" I heard the cop said as I waited for my call. This one chick was taking way too long at the telephone. The bars slide open and he threw in a young teenager. Maybe 15? Who knows.

"Get me out! He might rape me." He smirked. The officer rolled his eyes and walked off. "I feel uncomfortable around homosexuals." He spat.

"Well, I don't think its healthy to be uncomfortable with yourself." I laughed. He stood up and looked at me.

"Listen here, One Erection! I don't feel like kicking your ass today." He hissed at me as I rolled my eyes as his voice cracked. "Hey no need, I wouldn't fight a 10 year old who hasn't been through puberty yet." I grinned and he sat back down.

"Neither had your voice." He tried to offend me. "Sorry if girls want me more than your own mum wanted you." I felt satisfied with my comebacks.

"Shut the fuck up. Why are you in here anyway, rich boy?" He said warily. He crossed his arms and lent back..

"I was caught with something in my pocket." I said bluntly. He signaled me to keep talking. "Pot. P-O-T. Pot." I said regretfully looking down. His eyes widen.

"Damn man! I thought it'd be something stupid like breaking a window. Im here for robbing my school." He smiled.

"Your call, Harry." The cop said and threw me a quarter. He let me out of that shit hole and led me to the payphone. He told me the rules and I dialed Cassi.

"This is Cassidy." I heard her say.

"Its Harry. Im in the jail." I heard her gasp.

"Why? What the fuck?" She said angrily.

"They thought the weed was mine." I said sadly.

"Im so sorry, Haz. Ill be there in a minute" She hung up as I waited



I guess its safe to say it was all of my fault.

I drove up to the station worried for Harry. His rep is totally ruined. I stampeded in and went to the counter.

"Im here to release Harry Styles." I beamed my most polite smile. She kept her emotion. Nothing. "License?" I gave her my registration and ID.

"Okay Ms. Model," I rolled my eyes remembering I got fired. "that'll be $200. They tested him for a negative on the drug so they lowered his fine." She said as I handed her the cash. "Thank you." I smiled in relief.

I walked down the hallway and saw him in the cell covered his face. He was lent against the bars and facing it. He covered his eyes with his sweaty palms. I look around to see Harry and one teenage boy staring me down. I squish my lips through the bars and kiss Harry slowly. He began to smile and uncovered his eyes. He grasped my hair and pushed it behind my ear.

"Jesus you crazy kids." I heard a man say and we un latched our lips. He unlocked the cell. "Yeah babe, chill out for 16 and pregnant later." The obnoxious teen laughed. I flicked him off and I hugged Harry tightly. I felt his heartbeat against mine. The drums pounded harder and harder.

"Bridges, you're out. I paid, son. You have court next month." He let the teen out and he gave me a seductive smirk. "Hey dad, I need to get home." The boy said and the officer looks at us.

"Please? He needs to go. Ill pay you. Hes my son." He begs. I look at the kid and at the man. "Hurry up, squirt." Harrys face got red like a balloon.

We began to drive. The teen was in the back with me and the passangers seat was full of trash.

"Hey baby, gimme a little." He grinned and handed me a $100 bill. I pushed him away. "Hell no, pip squeak." I whispered. "Austin told me about that deal and, well, hes my neighbor. Nice video by the way." He whispered in my ear. That son of a bitch.

"Fuck you, kid." I said. Harry was too busy to pay attention to the music so I couldn't get much help. "You have to if you want money. Oh and a little secret," He began to speak his squeaky voice. "Austin said he was going to give you today until he surprises you." I gasp in horror.

"He said leave Harry and the cops out of it or else you'd be a...goner." He said as my heart froze. "Lies." I said loudly. "Look at this via text message." He took out his mobile and showed me.


-Hey Trey, my sexy ass ex Cassidy West (the one with the big cha chas) said I raped her to MY DAD at the station. I have the full video man. Anyway, I have her number and picture if you want to fuck her. She owes me money and I offered her a job at Jared's corner and she wont take it and I know she wont get me the money in time. She thinks im giving her a week but damn, today is her last day. Get her running.- Austin


"Ill give it all to you if you do it once, please." He says grabbing my hand.

"I-I have the money." I say scarcely and I push him away. "You know where I am." He smiles and hops out the car.

"Hey Cass, you look scared. Everything cool?" He said looking back at me.

"That kid said Austin is his neighbor and is my last day to get Austin all the money.. Trey said he'd give me all of the money if I know... once." I said ashamed. Harry came to the back of the car next to me.

"Cassidy, you know I like you a lot. I have for a while now. Im sorry I don't have all of the money. I have about $10,000. Ive been scavenging it up since I met you. I spent all the rest before I met you and-and I am so sorry. I don't want you to be terrorized by Austin so I think you should get yourself.." He took a deep breath and looked around for air. "out of the situation. Just do it with Trey...." He looks down.

"I cant Harry. I really cant betray you." I said crying almost. I look up to him and wrap my hands around him. I lean in for a kiss and he takes it. I felt this terrorizing guilt bottled up inside.

"Please just go, Cassidy. I want you to get it done. Go now." He said embarrassed. "Harry no!" I said loudly. "GET OUT OF THE CAR AND GO! I DONT WANT YOU HURT OR AFRAID ANYMORE! I know I wont be able to protect you on this one. Just get out." He yells and I jump out of the car and run to Trey's door. The door swings open as im scared for my life.


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