Cassidy was on the run from the one who knew her most. It all started when she drove her sister and her friends to the One Direction concert. Little did she know, Cassidy would meet someone who would change her life forever. He befriended her, he loved her, he saved her. His name is Harry Styles.


31. Flight Down

Cassidy's POV 



The embarking of the plane took a while. I just needed to get out of here, though. Next stop, Manhattan. Harry did something unforgivable, and he lied through his teeth. I ate sugary foods that the stuartist had given me, so I was bound to stay awake for this fight. It's a few hours, I mean Cali to NY, that's a while. 

I heard the pilot speak into the speakers, but I didn't pay attention. It was muffled, anyway. And it was unbelievably hot in here. I fanned myself as the plane lifted from the ground, to the clouds. Then there were beeping sounds. Everywhere.



Harry's POV 



It took me a while to realize where she could be. She's a model, and models travel to New York City, if they seek a serious career and have underlying commitment. Which Cassidy did, so I realized I'd go to where most flee to, Manhattan. I couldn't do anything about it, we were on the tour bus. I was heart broken. I couldn't eat, and I haven't had a minute of sleep.



"It'll be ok, Haz." Louis patted my back. 



"It doesn't feel that way. I think I know where she could be. I have to go, but I obviously can't." I sighed and fell into the palm of my hand.



"Go," Louis commanded. I gave him a puzzled look.






"We're going to the airport. You and I. We're 5 minutes away from one." I shot up, giving him a manly hug.



"Did you plan this?" I asked.



"I confess, yes." 





"No we need to go on the next flight to Manhattan! It's an emergency!" Louis threw his fist on the desk, shaking the computer the lady was working at.



"Sit down over there, I'll see what I can do." She smiled. I dragged Louis to some seats. I realized that I was being recognized, since a few girls ran up to us and asked for autographs or photos. 



"What's taking so long?" I groaned, rubbing my face. 



"Apparently there was a plane crash." Louis said, pointing to the huge tv that hung on the wall over a door.



"How does that affect our plane?" I asked agitated.



"Because it is our plane…"Louis's eyes widen.



"To Manhattan?" I began to panic. I felt worried. Was Cassidy ok? Was she on the flight? And the question, was she even going there in the first place?  






"You don't think Cassidy was on there, right?" I tried to reassure myself, but when I turned to Louis, his eyes were filling with tears. As so were mine, but I try to see where he's looking. The TV, where it showed the names of the people boarded on that flight.



"Trevor Wells, critical condition. Cassidy West, critical condition. Fiona Wexington, dead." The list went on and on, but it was crucial that she was to live. I couldn't control myself. I heard nothing but ringing in my ears. I felt deaf, and it felt like everything was in slow motion. I chunk the chair I was sitting on across the room. I don't hesitate to stomp to the desk.



"I need two tickets to Manhattan. It's truly am emergency. My name is Harry Styles." This time she looked from her computer.



"Here you are, Harry Styles." Famous perks. 

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