Cassidy was on the run from the one who knew her most. It all started when she drove her sister and her friends to the One Direction concert. Little did she know, Cassidy would meet someone who would change her life forever. He befriended her, he loved her, he saved her. His name is Harry Styles.


17. El


Harry made me feel so protected but made my life so intense. Running away with him and the boys would be a journey. 

"They need to hurry." Harry said as we waited for the boys. Right on cue, the boys came with their girls. Danielle, Eleanor, and Perrie. I smiled to Harry who was annoyed. He faked his happiness though. 

"Ok Cass, this is Dani, El, and Perrie. They are going to be with us, if you dont mind." Liam said which placing Danielle on his lap. I nodded and we were on the road in a crowded car. The song Treasure by Bruno Mars blasted through the speakers. Soon enough everyone was singing along, even Harry.

"Let me treasure you!" We all pointed to each other and died of laughter. About four hours later, we stopped at a condo. We all just grabbed our bags and settled in our huge new hide out. 

"Whose condo is this?" Niall asked as he stacked all of the boy's bags in their cluttered closet. Perrie and I were organizing our things in our room. It was Perrie and I, El and Dani, Harry and Zayn, and the rest shared a room. 

"It's my sister Gemma's. She said we can stay here." He said surprisingly happy. I excused myself and took Harry in private.

"Not to kill your mood but why are you so happy? Its not bad but you were just so annoyed earlier." I said as he just kissed my lips. 

"I might as well enter it was a good attitude or else I will never look forward to it. If I walked into this situation with a bad attitude then I would be miserable and never have tried it out." He spoke wisely. I hugged him tightly and whispered in his ear.

"you are such a genius, I am proud." He put me on his hips and I wrapped my legs around him. I laughed as we entered the den where everyone was and he dropped me on the couch. I giggled constantly as he tickled and kissed me.

I felt arms grab me and lift me up. He squeezed me and pulled me away from Haz.

"You need to get a room before I tear up." I heard Zayn say as he held me tighter as I struggled to get back to Harry. Lou ran up behind Harry and tackled him to the ground. El just stared at me and shook her head. I have a feeling she wont be my biggest fan..

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