Cocktails and Cigarettes

When Bethany has relationship problems, she finds comfort in going to clubs and drinking. So what happened when she begins to shadow Lou Teasdale? Will her and Harry hit it off, or will she push him away because the cocktails and cigarettes bring her more comfort? *Includes self harm references/actions, cursing, sex, smoking, and alcohol*


8. Ch. 8


I froze up. Harry all clicked. I've seen him on the X Factor a couple years ago...I didn't know him from the club. My head started spinning. The last thing I needed in my life right now was a stupid celebrity following me around, trying to use me as his next girl. The shock drained away and the anger started to build up.

"Okay...I'm back." I turned to face Harry.

"You're also leaving." I said through clenched teeth.

"What...? I didn't do anything..."

"When we're you going to tell me who you were?"

"Excuse me?! I should ask the same question!" Harry demanded.

"Harry Styles..." I ran my hands over my face and he raised an eyebrow.

"You didn't know I was Harry Styles...?"

"Oh like I know! Every time we've meet, I was tipsy or drunk. I never put two and two together. I honestly didn't think of it until my life was broadcasted all over the fucking morning news!" I yelled. Harry winced.

"So this is my entire fault?"

"YES! IT IS! You had to come over and talk to me! You just had to! Why did you have to?! I was totally fine alone! I didn’t ask for anyone’s help!"

"Clearly you weren't! You were the one who cheated on your boyfriend with me!"

"That meant nothing to me!" I shouted. Harry silenced and took a step back. I realized what I had said, but I didn't know how to take it back.

"It’s good to know your true feelings. I’m glad I could be a stand-in in your wonderful life." Harry said quietly. He walked back into my bedroom and reemerged a few seconds later completely redressed.

"Harry...I..." I didn't want him to go. I was just always so used to a fight.

"If you ever want to know where I'll be." Harry said before pushing around me. He slammed my door as he left. I put my hands over my face and curled into a ball on my couch and started crying.

I quickly dialed Zee, hoping to god she would answer me. I desperately needed her. I needed her opinion on this. Her boyfriend, Mikie and she have been together for a couple years and I knew she would know how to help me.


“I need you…” I sobbed into the phone.

“I’m on my way up.” I heard the dial tone and I couldn’t help but continue to sob and scream into my pillow. “Bethany?” I heard as my door opened. I didn’t even need to yell to Zee to tell her where I was, she could hear me. A few seconds later, I felt her body next to mine. “What happened babe?” She took me into her arms and I started sobbing onto her stomach.

“Did you watch the news this morning?”I asked.

“No ma’am…I haven’t watched it as of late.” I sniffled and held her tighter.

“That boy…at the bar…is Harry Styles…” Zee was silent, not quite sure what to say. I didn’t expect her to know what to say either. It’s not like you wake up every day, thinking about meeting a huge pop star and end up fucking him.

“Than…why are you crying?”

“When I found out…we started fighting…”


“Because he didn’t tell me…”

“You didn’t tell him who you were though.” Zee pointed out.

“I know…that’s why it makes no sense. I yelled at him for something I did too. I honestly don’t even know what the fight was about but it was enough for me to make him leave without…without anything.”

“Without anything?” Zee questioned, clearly confused.

“I don’t even know what I’m saying. The last thing he said was if I ever needed him, I knew where to find him; how would I know where to find him if I don’t know anything about him since he always listened to me and not the other way around?”

“Bethany…I would be a sassy and sarcastic bitch right now but since I know how you are right now, think about it- where have you always been with Harry?”

“The…club.” I said slowly.

“There you go; that’s where he is.” Zee nodded. I sighed and looked up at Zee’s face.

“Will you come with me?” I whispered.

“I sort of had plans with Mikie…”

“He can come too.” I said quickly.

“I don’t have a fake ID to get in.”

“The bouncers know me…you won’t get carded.” I pushed. Zee sighed.

“Fine…I guess I’ll come with you. But I’ll only come if Mikie does since I wasn’t to see him before he goes back to UNI.”

“That’s fine- I totally understand.”

“Okay.” For the next few hours, Zee and I cuddled and watched TV. Mikie met us at my place and we all got ready to go. When we were ready to go, Mikie insisted on paying cab fare. 

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