Cocktails and Cigarettes

When Bethany has relationship problems, she finds comfort in going to clubs and drinking. So what happened when she begins to shadow Lou Teasdale? Will her and Harry hit it off, or will she push him away because the cocktails and cigarettes bring her more comfort? *Includes self harm references/actions, cursing, sex, smoking, and alcohol*


7. Ch. 7


"BETHANY?! ARE YOU HOME?" My eyes slowly opened. I groaned as I looked around. I saw Harry still in bed next to me. If...Harry wasn't calling for me...who was? The door flung open and Peyton was standing there.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" I snapped fully awake and Harry almost fell out of the bed.

"Peyton..." I said quietly as I pulled the covers up to my chin.


"It's...we..." I looked at Harry and he looked back at me and then back at Peyton.

"This is clearly the two of us in bed together." Harry pointed out.

"YOU LITTLE FUCKING SLUT!" Peyton screamed at me. He started coming closer with his hands in fists. Harry flew out of bed and quickly put on boxers. He grabbed Peyton's arms so he couldn't touch me. I felt tears prick my eyes and I pulled the covers over my head. I squeezed my eyes shut and blocked out all their cursing, yelling, screaming, and the sounds of the punches and slaps.

I finally heard the sound of a slamming door and I slowly opened my eyes, uncovered my ears, and pulled the covers off my face. It was just Harry standing there but he's had a couple cuts on his knuckles.

"Harry..." I said, crawling out of my bed. I pulled one of my t shirts on so I wasn't wandering around naked.

"Where's your bathroom...Bethany?" I froze when he said my name. How did he know my name? I looked around and nothing in my room said my name. "Peyton said it while you were under the covers; he was screaming your name." Harry said like he was reading my mind.

"Oh...down the hall on the left..." I finally said. Harry walked out and I went to follow him but I stumbled, grabbing my bed for support but I fell anyway. Harry came running back in to help me up.

"Are you okay?" Harry asked, his voice filled with concern.

"I can't walk..." I said; my voice all scratchy.

"I guess I did my job right." Harry said with a wink. I blushed and looked down. Everything we did last night was wrong but it felt right.

"Harry...I..." I started talking, not sure where I was about to go with this.

"Yeah?" I paused and looked around.

"What did Peyton say?"

"He pretty much said you two were through and called you some nasty names that I won't repeat." I nodded slowly. "You two never actually broke just implied you did, didn't you?" I felt tears prick my eyes.

"I don't know...I wanted you..." I whispered. "You treated me so well; a hell of a lot better than Peyton did. It felt so nice to feel loved. It came to the point where I would go to the club just to see you...I looked forward to seeing you. I got feelings for you and when we both had enough alcohol in us; my feelings couldn't stay hidden back..."


“Is that so bad?! Wanting to feel loved? You made me happy and I know nothing about you…yet you made me so happy. You didn’t hurt me…you could’ve just used me like every other guy has tried but you didn’t! You actually stuck around and listened to me even though you didn’t know me. Do you not understand how much that means to me?”

“I do but…” 

"Go wash off your hand. The bleeding is getting worse. I'll be in the living room." I said, cutting him off. Harry nodded slowly. I walked back to my living room and turned the TV on.

"Who's the mystery girl Harry Styles left with last night? We all know he's been going out regularly but where did this girl come from? They seem a little too eager to get out of there. Watch out Styles- we'll be watching!" 

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