Cocktails and Cigarettes

When Bethany has relationship problems, she finds comfort in going to clubs and drinking. So what happened when she begins to shadow Lou Teasdale? Will her and Harry hit it off, or will she push him away because the cocktails and cigarettes bring her more comfort? *Includes self harm references/actions, cursing, sex, smoking, and alcohol*


22. Ch. 22


After I was all ready, I met Simon and Paul down in the lobby where we waited for the boys. I was texting Jesse and Melanie during their school hours. Apparently I had missed a lot and was the main topic of conversation at school thanks to all the hours I’ve been getting.

“Bethany?” My head snapped up and I saw Simon looking at me.

“Yes sir?”

“There are there interviews today so you need to be on your game. You also have to do hair and makeup today. I don’t know if you’ve been doing that all along but today you definitely hate to.”

“Yes sir.” I said, nodding as the boys all came down together, joking and laughing. The car ride to the first interview was short- only a half hour, but getting the boys ready was a trip since they didn’t want to cooperate since they were all eating. It was a miracle I got them done on time.

The second interview was an hour away from the first, but the boys were more cooperative this time when I tried to change them. That interview went well also and the interviewer also questioned Harry on me but all he did was blush and shake his head. I guess rumors were staring to erupt.

The third interview, I was too tired to even pay attention. I was passed out in the dressing room on a couch. I told Simon what I was doing and he only laughed. It wasn’t like he could do anything since I had done my job for the day.

“Hey, babe.” I groaned when I felt someone shaking me and saying my name. I rolled over and came nose to nose with Harry. “Hey sleepy-head. It’s time to go home.” I groaned and held my arms out to him, still half asleep. Harry laughed and picked me up in his arms bridal style. I knew this was going to just slightly confirm the rumors about Harry and me but at this point, I didn’t even care.

I was asleep for the whole ride home so Harry carried me inside also. According to the side conversations I was hearing in my half asleep state, it was only around eleven and everyone was planning on going out since we didn’t need to be up until noon tomorrow.

When we got back to the hotel, I felt Harry place me in the bed but I was slowly waking up. I was out for a few hours and wanted to do something from being so rested. When I was fully awake, Harry was nowhere to be seen. I got up and went down to the front desk to check where he had gone.

“Hello, how may I help you?”

“I was wondering where Harry Styles went?”

“I don’t know miss, but he told me to give you this if you came looking for him.” She handed me a note and I gratefully took it. I slowly made my way back upstairs as I read it.

Hey beautiful, if you are reading this you woke up and are looking for me. The boys and I went down to the club a few blocks away. We will give the bouncer your name in case you want to come join us. I love you. Harry xxx  

I smiled at the note as I walked back into my room. It was only half past eleven so I made my way to my closet to get ready quickly. I put on a black and white skin tight dress with white jewelry and white pumps. I made my way down and hailed a taxi to the club. When I arrived there, I walked up to the bouncer.

“Bethany Joy.” I said, hoping I was on the list. He nodded and let me in while everyone in the line groaned and yelled for still having to wait. When I got in there, I immediately spotted Harry in the VIP section with the boys, drinking.

“Harry!” I said, waving to him. He saw me, whispered something to the bouncer, and waved back. When I got over there, the bouncer let me in and Harry pulled me into his lap.

“Hello baby.” Harry said, kissing my neck. I giggled and slid off his lap onto the couch next to him.

“Hello everyone.”

“Look who’s up?!” Louis said happily, making me laugh.

“Bethany is!” Everyone laughed, making it noted that they already had some drinks in them since it wasn’t that funny.

For the rest of the night, we partied, drank, and danced. Around four we finally made our way back to the hotel where we finally crashed. 

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