Cocktails and Cigarettes

When Bethany has relationship problems, she finds comfort in going to clubs and drinking. So what happened when she begins to shadow Lou Teasdale? Will her and Harry hit it off, or will she push him away because the cocktails and cigarettes bring her more comfort? *Includes self harm references/actions, cursing, sex, smoking, and alcohol*


2. Ch. 2


"You okay?" He asked me as I stood upright.

"Yeah, thanks." I said. He dropped my arm and I ran my hands through my hair.

"Yeah, no problem." He said. We stood there awkwardly looking around, neither of us saying anything.

"So...uhm...yeah; I guess I'll go. Thanks again." I said, giving him a slight wave. I turned to walk away but I felt him grab my hand.

"Wait a minute!" He called. I turned and looked at him. "Can I buy you a drink?"

"Sure." This wasn’t the first boy to offer me a drink but something about the way he approached me seemed different…that and I sure as hell wasn't turning down any free drinks- I never have and I didn’t plan on starting now. We walked back to the bar table and the boy ordered us some drinks. The bar tender slid them over to us and I started to drink it.

"So...come here often?" He asked. I laughed quietly.

"That's the crappiest pickup line ever." I stated. He smiled at me, making me bite my lip. I knew this was utterly wrong but he was just so sexy and I was tipsy.

"Yeah else am I supposed to start a conversation?"

"I don't know. But that pickup line makes me want to leave."

"You wouldn't do that. I've been watching you. You haven't been able to talk to anyone all night- you look like you could use someone to talk to." I took my index finger and slowly ran it around my glass. "Are you going to tell me I'm wrong?"

"No..." I said slowly.

"Do you want to talk about it?" I looked back up at him and he was looking at me intently.

"Why would I tell a complete stranger all about my life?"

"Because they don't know you so they can't judge you. That and what are the odds of seeing them again?" I nodded and looked back down.

"You have a point..." I said slowly.

"I know. So...are we going to talk?" He asked. I finished off my drink and put the glass down.

"Why don't we go for a walk?" The boy nodded and finished off his drink.

"After you." He said as he helped me off my stool. I grabbed my bag and we walked out of the club. We started walking down the deserted sidewalk. I pulled out a cigarette and lit it. I immediately put it between my lips and started inhaling the smoke. I blew it out slowly and smiled to myself. "So what's on your mind?" I looked over at him and took the cigarette between my index and middle finger.

"You really want to know, don't you?" The boy nodded and I smirked.

"It's my boyfriend."

"Ahh...the dreaded boy troubles." I took another drag from the cigarette.

"They honestly suck. I mean, our relationship was great up until he decided he wanted to bang ever girl at his school."

"He sure sounds like quite the guy."

"Shut up." I said, pushing the boy. He laughed and looked at me.


"I just don't understand how someone so perfect can be so devilish. Like...why me? I always feel like it’s always me."

"I'm sure it isn't just you."

"I'm sure you're insane for still being here, listening to me."

"We just started talking about five minutes ago. I don't know what you're talking about."

"You're so weird."

"I'm just a good listener." He said as he flashed that sexy smile of his again.

"Let me guess; this is how you always drag tipsy girls in. You pretend to care so we throw ourselves at you, you get some action, and then leave...right?" He started shaking his head.

"No...I actually don't talk to girls that are tipsy much. I don’t really talk to many girls while I’m out clubbing or drinking to be honest. I've just seen you there every Friday for the past couple months and finally decided to ask what was wrong."

"That sounds stalkerish." I pointed out. He shook his head and half frowned.

"That's not what I meant..."

"I know. I'm just playing."

"Yeah, I'm sure." I finished off my cigarette and threw the bud on the ground, so I could stomp it out. "I should go, but it was nice talking to you." I held my hand out for him to shake. He gently grabbed it and shook it.

"It was nice talking to you too. I'll see you around." I smiled before walking the rest off the way home. 

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