Cocktails and Cigarettes

When Bethany has relationship problems, she finds comfort in going to clubs and drinking. So what happened when she begins to shadow Lou Teasdale? Will her and Harry hit it off, or will she push him away because the cocktails and cigarettes bring her more comfort? *Includes self harm references/actions, cursing, sex, smoking, and alcohol*


1. Ch. 1


Cocktails and Cigarettes


I took down my fourth, maybe fifth shot. I don't really remember at this point and to be honest, I didn't even care. All I was trying to do at this point was to blend in. Being sixteen and sneaking into clubs was sort of illegal here in London. If I was caught, I'd get arrested and since my parents believe I'm a goody-goody, I need to keep myself on the down low so the longer I can keep this up.

I placed the glass back down on the table and slowly looked around, taking in the scene around me. There were people everywhere dancing, drinking, and smoking. There were even some people that were practically fucking on the dance floor. I rolled my eyes and hopped off my stool. I stumbled a bit and reached for the bar table but still couldn't get my balance.

"Whoa, watch it there." I felt a boy grab my arm and steady me. I looked up slowly and my eyes grew wide. I knew him from somewhere but I couldn't exactly remember where. I decided it was I have just seen him around the club before, but I knew that wasn't it. I shook the feeling away and took the boy in front of me in.

He had brown, chocolate curls, bright green eyes that were slightly glazed over from the alcohol, he was insanely skinny to the point where I could see every muscle in his legs and arms even while he was wearing clothes, slightly taller than me if I wasn't wearing heels, and he had insane dimples...which made his smile so much sexier. 

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