I Thought It Was A Dream

19 year old Callie Gallera accidentally bumps into her idol harry styles after going to a one direction concert. Her life gets turned upside down as she begans to fall for him.


1. The Concert

As i woke up all that was on my mind was Harry Styles, Harry Styles, and Harry Styles. I was so excited I was going to my first live One Direction Concert. As I got out of bed I searched through my closet humming what make you beautiful to my self to find something to wear I couldn't decide between an orange shirt that comes just below my thighs with white leggings and black flats or a lilac sundress with white flats. I went with the orange shirt knowing that it was Harry's favorite color hoping to get noticed in the crowed of 500,000 people. I moved on to the bathroom and brushed through my dark brown curls and aplying a small amount of eyeliner, never liking to where alot of makeup. I looked in the mirror I was a medium sized girl with dark brown curls and bright blue eyes. I was the type of girl who didnt have alot of girlfriends and hung of with the guys most of the time, I was always very good at sports and not one to get really dressed up. As i finshed off my outfit with a long silver necklace with a music note pendant on it I heard the door bell ring figureing it was my best friend Julia Remoore who I have to drag to the concert tonight seeing how she hates them and I love them. I walked to the door to greet her and we walked out of the door into her black velvo and started to drive it was a 2 hour drive to get there and back. We were there the giant music hall they were playing in, we got in line to give them the tickets for the concert we got to the front of the line I checked my Purse to get the tickets and they werent there I screamed to julia that the tickets werent there she said that they had to be we grabbed then before we left and then I remember we left the tickets right of the counter in stead of grabbing them. I walked out of the line dissapointed, we both knew there was no getting any tickets the show was sold out. We started to walk around the stadium, It was so big I had to keep my mind off of the concert or i would scream seeing how today was my birthday i was turning 19 It was Feburary 1st I screamed race you as we started off around the outside of the stadium I was winning at first but then slowed down to a run and she sprinted ahead of me she screamed catch me if you can. As i was running I noticed a mob of screaming girls surronding a black car I knew the concert was over and I wasn't going. I started running to catch up to Julia and before i knew it the black car hit me and i was starting to black out but right before I did I noticed dark brown curly hair and bright green emerald eyes staring at me.

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