Hannah meets Justin, however from bad experiences she finds her self feeling unable to love anyone fully. As they get closer Justin begins to wonder... What's gonna make her fall in love? When disaster stricks and life seems impossible... Will Justin be the anchor she holds on to?


20. What's to Come

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We were always so careful! I couldn't believe it! I was scared! I wasn't ready to be a mom! Justin! I had to tell him! But no! I I I couldn't! How would he react? I closed my eyes and massaged my temple. I left the bathroom and found Justin sitting on the couch flipping through the tv channels. He flashed me a huge smile. I just slightly grinned back, I felt funny. Different. I sat down next to him. He pulled me into him and kissed my temple. I buried my head into his chest and closed my eyes trying not to let tears escape. " Hey you wanna watch a movie?" He asked. I just so slightly mumbled sure. " Hey you ok?" Justin asked. " Yeah just tired." I replied. All through the movie my head was tucked into his warm, buff chest. I wasn't paying too close of attention to what was happening. I just wanted him to hold me tight and know that everything was gonna turn out ok. Justin must've noticed how sleepy I was because he picked me up and carried me to our room, laying me under the covers and curling up next to me. I was sleeping on my side, Justin close next to me with his arm wrapped around my waist, fast asleep. I stared out the open window into the night sky and tears slowly crept down my cheeks. I barely slept my mind wouldn't shut up! I stared at Justin, his soft, sweet, handsome face, I knew every detail of it. His slim but strong torso. His humour, sweet talk, caring ways. The guy I loved so much. I didn't wanna lose him, would he get scared, run away, media get to him. I wasn't sure of anything.All I knew was I wasn't about to lose Justin! 

I woke my eyes puffy from crying. " Hey were you crying baby?" Justin asked concern in his eyes. I played dumb. " What? No! Why?" I asked pulling off my confused face. " Your eyes are all red." He said. I didn't know what else to do so I kissed him slowly. He seemed to be good with that. I got up off the bed, " Im gonna have a shower." I said. And walked into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and was frightened at my appearance. My hair was a mess, my face blotchy, eyes red. I pulled my shirt off and stared at my bare belly, it was flat and solid. I rubbed my hand over it wondering what it would be like, having it stick out past my breasts. I finally climbed into the shower. And slowly washed my hair, head still in a million places.  I slipped into spandex leggings and one of Justin's baggy pullover hoodies. I went downstairs to find Justin on the phone. Once he got off it he came over to me and placed his hands on my hips, " I love when you wear my hoodies." He said. " You want something to eat?" He asked. " No I'm not hungry." I said. Then Justin picked up his phone and began texting Alfredo. " Who was on the phone?" I asked. " Oh yeah I got to go to New York for a little concert thing and a signing." He said. " How long?" I asked. " Oh just for a couple days." He said. " When does the plane leave?" I asked. " Tonight, if you wanna come." He said. " Oh course." I said. I really needed to find time to talk to him! " Well the way you pack, you better get a move on!" He teased. I just gave  him a quick kiss and left to pack. I looked through my closet and drawers and put it all in a suitcase. I managed to finish in record time and soon we were on our way to the airport. Justin led me into the familiar private jet, I sat down and curled my feet up, falling asleep right away. I was slowly waking up when I overheard Justin and Alfredo. 
"She's been acting different these past two weeks, a lot quieter. " Alfredo said. " Yeah i know, I'm not sure what's going on. I gotta talk to her." Justin said. I kept pretending I was asleep, listening to them talk. I had to tell him! Before he figured it out! But I didn't know possibly how. It'd be different if he wasn't so famous. Media wasn't in his face. I yawned and stretched to add effect that I was sleeping. " Hey beautiful, how'd you sleep?" Justin asked. " Mmmm good." I said puckering up my lips for a kiss. He took the hint and gave me one. The plane was landing and I squeezed Justin's hand, I never liked flying all that much. We got to the hotel and immediately Justin wanted to check out the pool... He always does! I went with him but didn't dare get wet. He wasn't in the "throw me in the water mood" which I was thankful for. We eventually headed back and ordered room service. It came with complementary champagne. Justin poured himself a drink. " You want some?" He asked. " No ill pass." "C'mon babe it's really good." " No I won't be able to sleep after." I said, making up an excuse, because he still didn't know I couldn't have alcohol. We had a pretty good night just curled up together, snuggling. The next day Justin had a small acoustic concert at a radio. I went along, standing off to the side, listening to his beautiful voice light up the room. I watched some beliebers smiling, singing, and crying. It was hard to believe that used to be me and now I was pregnant with his baby! We got back to the hotel room and I knew something was up with Justin. He was on his phone, not looking up. He looked deep in thought. I decided to finally tell him. " Justin." I began. He didn't look up. I tried again. " Justin I I I umm-" he cut me off.  " Look I'm not stupid, I found the evidence! I know! Why didn't you tell me?" He asked. " I didn't know what to say." I said. " What to say? Hannah! Your pregnant!" He rose his voice a little. " I wanted to tell you! But I didn't how you would react." I said. Then before I could say anything more he walked out the door. 

I started panicking, no, no! Why! I just needed him to hold me tight. I sat in a chair and chewed on my lip until the skin broke and I tasted blood in my mouth. After about four hours Justin pushed open the door, his eyes looked red like he had been crying. He walked over to me and pulled me into a hug holding me so tight. He rubbed my back. Then we pulled away. " Look I'm sorry I took off like that. I was just scared. I needed some fresh air. " he said. I didn't say anything. " I get it why you didn't tell me. But baby I ain't ever leaving you I told myself that when I met you and I'm telling you now. I know we both know it isn't gonna be easy but we gotta try." I nodded. And grabbed his hand and pulled him into bed. We were closer than ever, holding on to each other. I whispered " We got each other." And he squeezed me tighter. 

I want to thank you all soooo much for the sweet comments! I am so thankful for you guys, the ones that read Fall! Don't worry I'm not near done with this story! But I am going to be without Internet for a week starting on April 1st! But because of all your comments I tried to get one last long chapter in before then! Again THANKS! AND I WILL UPDATE AS SOON AS I CAN! :D

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