Hannah meets Justin, however from bad experiences she finds her self feeling unable to love anyone fully. As they get closer Justin begins to wonder... What's gonna make her fall in love? When disaster stricks and life seems impossible... Will Justin be the anchor she holds on to?


13. Waiting

Justin: I was in my dressing room getting ready for tonight's concert. I was feeling good. Ready to make my beliebers scream and dance. Have the night of their lives! As I was putting on my v neck my phone rang. " Hello?" I answered.
" Hey it's Melissa, I can't talk for long the hospital contacted me. There's been an accident with Hannah, I don't know how things are going but could you-" I cut her off.
" Where? What hospital?" I asked desperately. " St. Mary's." she answered. With that I was out the door, no one even knew, I didn't have time, I had to go! I got to the hospital and ran to the desk. " Is Hannah Walker here?" I asked desperately out of breath. " Sir I'm afraid for privacy purposes, I'll need your name and your relation to her, before l give out any information." She said.
" My names Justin Bieber and I'm her ... Uh... Uh... F F Fiancée." I said stuttering and lying. " Ok, she's currently in emergency, which is upstairs." She said. I sprinted to the elevator once I was there I stopped at another desk. " Im looking for Hannah Walker can you please give me some info or let me see her?" I asked. " She's being taken into a emergency surgery, that's all I can say." She said. I got mad I wanted to know more than that! I banged my fists on the counter. " Look! Don't give me any that's all I can say bullshit! I'm the closest thing to family she's got! Now can I speak to some doctor who can explain what the hell is going on!?" I asked. 
" You know what I think you should take a seat and calm down. I will call up the nurse." I was scared! I was damn scared! I didn't know what I was gonna hear. Then I saw the nurse she came and sat down next to me and placed her hand on my knee. " Hey so-" I cut her off. " I don't want any sugar coated news, cut to the news, please!" I asked. 
" Ok first of all they have found high levels of alcohol in her body, so she was hit by a truck. At this point all I can say is she is being taken into surgery, she's still unconscious. I will give you more information on her injuries exactly. But at this point things aren't looking so good. I suggest you go home for now." She said, concern in her eyes. I broke down, I was balling my eyes out. I began blaming myself for it all. Why did I ever kiss that girl! I should've tried harder to mend things. I shouldn't have just left her to be. I knew something might've been going on. It's all my fault! She's gonna die all because of me! Gosh all I wanted was her safe, healthy in my arms. I swear I wouldn't hurt her ever again! I was staying here! I wasn't leaving! Nope! Never! I wanted to see her! I wanted to see her! Hours after hours passed. My team called freaking out about where I was, they were a little upset but understood. They know how much she means to me. My mom called and has decided to come wait with me. She showed up I immediately ran to her arms, we cried together. She loved Hannah! Thought god had sent her an angle for me. And frankly so did I! But now I screwed up and I was about to completely lose her! The nurse came back with the news. I bite my lip and prayed that she was gonna be alright.

Sorry that was kinda short. But I figured some was better than nothing. Thanks :)

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