Hannah meets Justin, however from bad experiences she finds her self feeling unable to love anyone fully. As they get closer Justin begins to wonder... What's gonna make her fall in love? When disaster stricks and life seems impossible... Will Justin be the anchor she holds on to?


27. Tomorrow

I felt Justin's hand slowly brushing my cheek, " Wake up baby." He said and planted a soft kiss on my cheek. I peeked my eyes open to notice Justin looking at me. I yawned at stretched out. Then I curled up on my side and closed my eyes. I felt Justin's eyes on me and then I felt his hands on my waist. Before I could say anything he pinched my side. " Justin! Justin!" I screamed. " Well I guess they know you are up!" Justin said. I sat up. " Who?" I asked. " Go take a look!" He grinned. I pulled on Justin's t shirt over my underwear and opened the door. I screamed when I saw who it was and gave them a huge hug. " Melissa! I haven't seen you in forever!" I screamed. " Don't freak out more but Pattie is here too!" She grinned at me. I then noticed Pattie and ran over to her. " Oh my gosh!! What are you guys doing here?" I asked. Melissa smiled at me " You would have to ask that guy over there." She then pointed at Justin sitting on the couch. " Wait you called up Melissa from London? And got Pattie to come out too?" I asked. " Well she is my mom." He laughed. Melissa butt in. " He wanted me to come AND he paid for everything!" She said. I ran over to Justin and sat on his lap. " You (kiss) are (kiss) amazing!" I said in between short kisses. I then wrapped my legs around his waist and we shared a deeper passionate kiss. Then he pulled away. " I believe these ladies would like to do something over than watch us kiss." He laughed. I got off of him and walked over to them again.  " So?" I asked. " We should go shopping and get you a dress!" Pattie said. " Id love to go! But what's the dress for?" I asked. Justin answered, " Tomorrow!" He said. " What's tomorrow?" I asked. " Suprise." Pattie said and Justin winked at her. Ok! What was going on here! Justin brings them both here! They are talking about tomorrow! I knew they wouldn't spill so I let it go and got dressed for shopping. My outfit was pretty simple high rise shorts and a cropped top that showed a little of my mid section. Then some basic flats and I fish tailed my long chocolate brown hair. 
I walked out and Justin pulled my body to his. " Why you always lookin so good?" He asked. I laughed and kissed him. " Have fun today okay? Don't worry about me even though you know how much I'll be missing you!" He said and pulled me into a hug. I pulled away " I'll be thinking of you all day and I'll see you tonight!" I said. His hands slipped down to my butt, " Tonight." He said in a seductive voice. I grinned at him " If you're lucky!" I said. And he pulled me in for one last kiss, " Tease." He whispered in my ear. 

We got to the mall and hit up the first store. I walked around and found a few dresses. I tried the first one on. " I like it! But with that model body of yours you can do better I think." Pattie said and Melissa agreed. We went to store after store. They actually found some nice clothes for themselves. I didn't understand this dress didn't have to be perfect! Did it? Justin called me. " Hey baby, how's it going?" He asked. " Alright. I've tried alot of pretty dresses, but apparently I can do better? I said. " It's completely your choice! You will look beautiful no matter what! Just make sure it's special! He said. " Why's that?" I asked. " Because you'll want it to be!" He said. I could almost hear his smile over the phone. " Okay I gotta go! I love you Justin!" I said. " Love you!" He said then I hung up. I looked at myself in the mirror then left the fitting room. We left the store and went to get some lunch. I was eating my salad when I decided to say something. " I appreciate that you guys are trying to help me get the perfect dress and all. But I just- " Melissa cut me off. " You don't have to explain! Pattie and I were just discussing that. We have been too critical! It's what you love and think is perfect!" Melissa reassured me. Then Pattie grabbed my hand. " We all love you!" I smiled at them and actually thought I was gonna cry. Then we got back to business. I still felt like we were overdoing this! I mean I wasn't getting married! But apparently something special and highly secretive was tomorrow. Finally I found the dress we were all looking for. It was short but not too short, it was a gorgeous red colour that apparently made my face glow. We went to the till and Pattie insisted that Justin gave her money for this! I finally agreed and soon I was carrying the dress in a bag. I was dropped off at the bus and Pattie and Melissa left to go to their hotel. I got in the bus and Justin was chillin on the bed watching tv in his sweats and no shirt on. Damn he looked good. He got up and greeted me. " Found what you were looking for?" He asked. I smiled " It's gorgeous!" " Can't compete with you though!" Justin whispered in my ear. Then he pulled the bag out of my hand and set it down. He took the elastic out of my braid. And flipped my hair over my shoulder. " Justin what are you doing?" I asked. " Shhh" he said. Then his hands made their way to my shorts as he slowly undid them. And pulled my shirt over my head. Then he slipped off my underwear and bra. " Close you eyes and relax." He whispered. I closed my eyes as I felt him carry me to our bed. Could this guy get any more romantic? 

**A/N**  So I'm gonna be super busy this next little while! So it might be a while for me to update! But please don't hate me! I promise the next chapter should be good! Thanks and COMMENT!!  <3 : D

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