Hannah meets Justin, however from bad experiences she finds her self feeling unable to love anyone fully. As they get closer Justin begins to wonder... What's gonna make her fall in love? When disaster stricks and life seems impossible... Will Justin be the anchor she holds on to?


22. The Last Straw

" Justin." I whispered in his ear. He rolled over and peeked his eyes open. He smiled immediately when he saw my face. " I could wake up to that the rest of my life." He said. I smiled at him. " Time to get up!" I said. " Five more minutes?" He asked. " I already gave you and extra 5." I said. " But you weren't with me!" He protested. " Fine!" I said and laid back into his arms.  " That's more like it!" He whispered into my ear. " You are a suck." I laughed and curled up closer to him. " Apparently so are you!" He tickled me. " Justin! Seriously no!" I said. " I'll stop if you kiss me." He said.  I tilted my head up so he could plant a kiss on my lips. He did exactly just that. I ran my hands through his hair. " I like your hair!" I laughed and blushed a little. " I like you!" He said and kissed my nose. " I love you!" I said and stuck my tongue out at him. " I've always loved you!" He said. I was silent for a minute. " So have I! I just tried to fight it at times." I said. We both sat up. " Oh really?!" He grinned. " Yes really!" I grinned. " Now go shower!" I said. " Join me!" He begged. " I've already showered." I said. " So..." He said. I laughed " So I'm not showering again!" " Pleaaassseee?" He protested. " Maybe later." I said and sent him a wink. " You don't not shower with me and then look at me like that!" He said. " didn't mean to?" I said and grinned. " You want me to tickle you?" He said. " No no no! Just go shower already!" I said. " Alright." He said and left. When Justin walked out of the bathroom I was standing at the mirror in my bra staring at my belly. " I hate it I look like I got a huge beer belly!" I said. He laughed " That would look a bit different!" He said and came over wrapped his arms around me " You look beautiful no matter what!" He said. Then he pulled out his phone kissed my cheek and took a picture. He showed me it " See beautiful!" He said.  I hugged him tightly " Thanks babe." I said. " Anything for you." He said and grabbed my hand as we headed to the studio.  We got their and I sat in a chair watching and listening to Justin. His voice was like an angle calling to me. I caught his eye several times. He came out, I handed him a water bottle. " You sounded great!" I said. " It's having you here." He smirked at me. He pressed his lips to mine, I placed my hands behind his neck. When I heard a familiar voice, " Let the girl breath!" Ryan joked. We turned around Justin and Ryan sorta bro hugged, " Hey!" He said. Ryan smiled at me " You are looking good!" I smiled " Thanks!" Then Justin hugged me from behind, " She's off limits!" He said. Ryan just laughed at this because him and I are like brother and sister.  Justin had to go back into recording. Ryan and I chatted for a bit. " How much longer?" He asked. " 12 weeks!" I said. " Wow where has the time gone hey?" He asked. " Ya I know! I'm still a little nervous about it all." I admitted. " Oh don't worry about it! You will be fine and you got Justin!" He assured me. " Ya true! Thanks Ryan!" I said. " Anytime Hannah." " I got an appointment next week. " I said. " Good! I have to go but maybe we can all meet up sometime." He said. " Sure just give us a call." I said. He waved and left. Justin came out after a little while. " Ok let's go now!" He said, reaching for my hand. I squeezed his tight. When we got out the door security had to help us get to the car, there was tons of fans and Justin posed with some of them, they even wanted me in pictures. I loved them, they were so sweet to me. I mentally reminded myself to thank them on twitter later. We got to the car. " How tired are you?" He asked. " I'm fine, why?" I asked. " I was thinking maybe dinner?" He turned and grinned at me. " How could I say no?!" I squeezed his arm. " Could we quickly stop at the house to change?" I asked. " Sure." He said. We walked in the house, I started to get bad cramps. I laid back on the bed while Justin changed . I held on the my belly. Justin came over. " Hey you alright?" He asked. " I don't know, I have really bad cramps." I said. He looked worried. " What can I do?" He asked. " A hot bath might help?" I said. " You ok staying here?" He asked. " Yeah." I said. " Ok ill be back." He said and went to the bathroom. He came back in a few minutes and picked me up carrying me to the bath. Once I was there he began to leave. I held onto his hand, " stay with me?" I asked. " Of course." He answered. I laid on my side in the tub with Justin gently holding on to me and showering me with little kisses. I wasn't saying much. He was fine with that, Just holding a naked me in his arms was more than ok with him. I really appreciated his gentle kisses he was giving me on my shoulders and neck. I was getting really sleepy, I had to hold on to Justin while he tried to put some clothes on me. Then he carried me to our bed. I was being treated like such a princess. He helped me find a comfortable position and once I was there he curled up to me. " Goodnight Han." He said. " Night Justin." I said. In the morning we went to the hospital to see if everything was ok. Once there the doctor did some scans, asked me questions. Finally she had to deliver the news that might be the final straw for me...

Thanks for being patient! I tried to make it a better! Please comment!! <3 xx

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