Hannah meets Justin, however from bad experiences she finds her self feeling unable to love anyone fully. As they get closer Justin begins to wonder... What's gonna make her fall in love? When disaster stricks and life seems impossible... Will Justin be the anchor she holds on to?


18. Smiling

It was the next morning I was awake but not opening my eyes I was thinking of the night before. He had set up all those candles so I wouldn't be shy. He was caring, sweet, careful, gentle. I was so in love! As I was thinking of it all a smile must've crept onto my face. Because Justin noticed. " Why you smiling baby girl?" He said it like he had no clue, which he did. I didn't say anything. " Hmmm?" He said. I could feel my cheeks turning red. I hide my face in the pillow. He pinched my sides making me laugh. Then I felt his hot breath on my neck, " Don't be shy." He said in a sexy voice. I finally opened my eyes. To see him laying right next to me with a grin on his face. I turned red again. " Stop looking at me like that." I said. " Like what?" He shot back with a bigger grin. " Was it everything you thought it would be?" He whispered in my ear. He was trying to be so sexy. I mentally answered his question oh yes it sure was! 

That was a couple weeks ago. I had decided after all he had treated me to I wanted to take him on a little date. Yes we were going to Hawaii! And no he didn't know yet! It was gonna be a complete surprise. I had told him to pack summer clothes. ( he thinks I've gotten an offer at a University in California and we are just checking it out.) Little does he know we are going to spend a week in paradise! As I was finishing packing my bag Justin came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist planting a kiss on my cheek. " You ready to go?" He asks. I turned around and hugged him. " More than ready!" He picked up my bag, " What do you have in here?!" He asks. I can see his biceps bulging. We get to the airport and somehow I manage to keep him distracted enough with kisses he doesn't realize we aren't on the plane going to California. We take our seats and I curl my feet up and rest my head on Justin's shoulder. " You wanna sleep babe?" He asks. " Would you mind?" I ask. " Not at all!" He says with a smile. I close my eyes and fall into a great sleep! I feel warm, plump lips being pressed against mine. I didn't open my eyes but responded to the kiss kissing him back. "What happened to California?" Are his first words. "You complaining?" I ask with a grin. He grins back. "I love you." 
" I love you too." 


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