Hannah meets Justin, however from bad experiences she finds her self feeling unable to love anyone fully. As they get closer Justin begins to wonder... What's gonna make her fall in love? When disaster stricks and life seems impossible... Will Justin be the anchor she holds on to?


6. Presence

I looked down at her, she was sleeping blissfully, damn she looked so good asleep. Especially the way her nice sized chest moved up and down as her heart beat. I carefully gathered her up and carried her up the stairs and into her bedroom I gently placed her into it. I crawled up next to her, kissed her cheek and wrapped my arm around her waist, holding her close I whispered goodnight, even though I knew she was fast asleep. I spend a while gathering my thoughts, rethinking her question over and over. I was most definitely falling for her, she didn't know what she did to me. But somehow I got the feeling things weren't entirely the same for her. I decided to let it go and I got closer to her, joining her in a peaceful sleep.

I slowly woke rubbing my eyes and checking the clock. 3:30 am! What! It felt later than that. I didn't even remember comin to my bed last night. I noticed Justin sleeping next to me, his arm around my waist. I couldn't help but notice he was shirtless I found myself taking in his gorgeous body. Confident he was deep in sleep I traced my finger gently on the groves of his washboard abs, I glanced down at his lower stomach noticing his slight happy trail. Also his sexy V-lines... I didn't dare touch those... I wouldn't be able to handle it. A body like that was hard to resist, but I had heard of romances being ruined by sex, it was like it drained the mental, emotional part of their relationship everything just became physical. That's not what I was looking for I wanted a solid, healthy, long term relationship. Don't get me wrong I would fully appreciate for him to make love to me. I decided his body had deep affects on me so I closed my eyes drifting back to sleep.

Justin: I was watching her intently, she was just so beautiful. She was skinny but not too skinny, she had curves in all the right places and nice full breasts. Yes I was most certainly taking in every bit of her body tht was visible, which was hard considering she was fully clothed. I pushed my thoughts away from her body knowing that the idea in my mind had to be keep in my mind, especially after all the things she had told me about herself. The problem was i was falling hard like I mean HARD for this girl. She didn't have to tell me I knew she had a wall around her heart... But I knew I had broken down a bit of it.. Now if only I could get it all down.
Her eyelids fluttered open, looking into my eyes I returned looking deeply into her blue eyes. " Morning babe." I grinned
" morning." She yawned
" Can I make you some breakfast?" I asked
" Just don't burn the place down" she giggled. I smirked and pulled on my T-shirt. " Im gonna take a shower" she told me. " Ok babe" I went downstairs and began cooking up some breakfast. " Something smells good!" She came and wrapped her arms around my torso. Then planted a kiss on my cheek. She was sitting on the counter, watching apparently surprised at my cooking skills. I couldn't resist any longer I went over and pressed my lips against hers, I felt a shiver of joy go down my spine and I knew she felt the same thing. She kissed me back, our little session ended too soon when she pulled away. " What was that for?" I asked a little out of breath. But then I knew the toaster was smoking. She popped out the toast and we both began laughing. " Guess I'm too much of a distraction for the chef!" She teased. Finally we ate, she told me she had to head off to the studio. Which was fine I had some meetings with my management that day. All through the meeting I kept thinking if her, it was true I had fallen for her. And it felt so good! I just wanted to make her feel the same...

Damn I never felt this way about anyone but I knew it still wasn't quiet love. He had told me several times how much he loved me, amazing dates, he even allowed me to go to his concerts! I felt stupid! What the hell was wrong with me?! I wasn't good enough I can't compete with the love he showers me with...
We had just gotten back from a day at the beach he wanted to go for dinner. I had had a quick shower and walked from my bathroom into my bedroom only in my lace bra and undies I was startled when I saw justin laying back on my bed. I scurried quickly into my closet however I knew his gaze followed me. I slipped on my black dress and made my way out. I thought Justin's eyes were gonna pop out of his head when he saw me. He walked over and kissed me licking my lip wanting access I allowed his tongue to slip into my mouth. Pretty soon we were on my bed making out furiously. Justin had his shirt pulled over his head already. I knew where this was going and I knew it needed to stop. I eventually put my hands on his bare chest but he continued kissing my neck. I pulled away slightly and finally he stopped. Confusion in his eyes. I started stuttering " I i i think we better get to dinner" he acted cool about it but I knew he felt a little hurt he was trying his all with me, he just wanted me to love him like he loved me. He thought maybe I was finally ready to make love...

I didn't understand it had been months since we first met and I had tried everything with her she was just too stubborn to fall in love. But I wasn't gonna give up, I cared to deeply about her. We went out to dinner I tried to continue like nothing had happened but it was hard. We went back to my place afterwards and I gave her some sweats of mine to change into for the night. She crawled into bed just with her bra and my sweats. We lay there face to face, not kissing, not talking just staring into each others eyes. It was all I could ask for, her in my presence kept me happy.
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