Hannah meets Justin, however from bad experiences she finds her self feeling unable to love anyone fully. As they get closer Justin begins to wonder... What's gonna make her fall in love? When disaster stricks and life seems impossible... Will Justin be the anchor she holds on to?


24. Learning and Partying

Justin:  I wasn't really sure how me finding that she had been cutting led to us having sex. She seemed scared to tell me what had been going on. But that's not what I wanted. She needs to know I understand her, I don't judge her. I knew her past was still affecting her, but I wanted to help her and fix that! So when things get tough she doesn't turn to her old habits. Her chest was pressed against mine, laying on her side slightly, eyes closed, sleeping. She peeked her eyes open. " Morning." She said. " Morning Han." I said. She was staring at the ceiling for a couple minutes. " Did last night really happen?" She asked. " Yes it did." I said. She grinned and began leaving kisses on my chest. I wrapped my arm around her torso and pulled her closer. I wasn't sure if she had completely forgotten about what had happened before the good stuff last night. I had noticed how deep the cuts were. It wouldn't erase from my mind. She seemed to ignore it and think that doing it was maybe.. Ok? But that had to stop! I wanted her to drop her bad habits once and for all! 
We needed to get out. Go on a vacation, spend some time together. Figure some things out because I did not want to go on like nothing had happened. That wasn't the way I worked. Plus I had to leave for tour in a couple weeks. I leaned down and kissed her neck, I left a few kisses on her shoulders. Then I squeezed her sides and she giggled and squirmed in my arms. " Jussssstin." She said. " C'mon you like it." I said with a knowing grin.  She blushed and hid her face. I continued tickling her. She squirmed and kicked and giggled. Them I finally let her go. She stood up 
and flipped her long brown hair over her shoulder and walked into the bathroom in her bra and undies. My gaze followed her. Then she turned around " You coming?" She asked with a grin. I hopped outta bed and ran to the bathroom. Then I wrapped my arms around her waist. " Hmm you know maybe I won't shower..." She said. I gave her my sad look and turned away, slowly walking out of the bathroom. Soon though I felt hands on my waist and kisses being planted on my neck. I turned around and picked her up. " Justin! Put me down! Please?" She asked. " You think it's funny teasing me? Hey?" I asked. She laughed at me. I gave her a kiss and put her down. Then we both got in the shower. 

Hannah: That was a week ago now, I wasn't back to my same self. But Justin insisted I go get help. So I did start visiting a clinic that helped me get over my bad habits. Every time I felt the need to self harm, Justin was there. Tonight was gonna be fun though! To celebrate Justin's headlining tour that starts tomorrow we are holding a big party. Ryan had helped my plan it all. We had a whole club booked out just for us. I slipped into a short party dress, and did my hair and makeup. Just as I was grabbing my shoes Justin walked into the room. He just stood there for a minute staring. Then he came over and kissed me. Pulling away i felt his hot breath on my neck, " You are so mine tonight..." He said. I wrapped my arms around his neck " We'll see about that." I said. I felt his hands slip down to my butt where he gave it a little squeeze. I gave him a knowing grin. Then I felt his hands move to my sides, he squeezed my sides and I giggled. " Is that better baby?" He asked. I just continued laughing and  tried kissing him in between giggles. He picked me up bridal style and carried me out to the car he slipped me into the car through the window. " I feel like a princess." I said. He got in the car. " That's because you are my princess." He whispered into my ear. He placed his lips on my neck. " Not right now Justin." I said pulling away. " Then you cannot dress like that because I can't handle it!" Justin said. " Oh really?" I said, grinning at him. " Yesss." He said. Then I put my legs on the dash and looked at him. " Hannnahhh." He groaned. " Alright, alright I'm sorry I'll stop!" I said putting my legs down. Tonight was gonna be fun...

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