Hannah meets Justin, however from bad experiences she finds her self feeling unable to love anyone fully. As they get closer Justin begins to wonder... What's gonna make her fall in love? When disaster stricks and life seems impossible... Will Justin be the anchor she holds on to?


26. It's a Good Thing I Love You

" You sure you're not mad at me?" He asked. " Yes, why?" I said. " Well I don't believe you! And now I have to make it up to you!" He said. " Justinnn." I moaned. " You really don't have to do anything!" I said. 
" But I hurt you!" He pleaded. " Ya but you apologized and a kiss would make up for it." I grinned. He pressed his lips to mine. " Better?" He asked. " Much!" I said. " Mmh you know maybe we should just stay here and cuddle." Justin said. " I'd like that but you've got a tour." I said.  " Ah.. That's no big deal!" He said. I gave him a knowing look. He grinned at me. " Im kidding!" He said and pulled me in by my hips. I wrapped my arms around his smooth neck, " I know." I said. He encircled his arms around my slim waist, " Can I have a kiss?" He asked. I kissed his cheek and smiled at him. " I think you missed." He said. Then he pressed his lips to mine in a gentle, loving kiss. After we pulled away I gave him a tight hug. I rested my head on his shoulder, never wanting to leave. 

I climbed up the steps and into the tour bus. I actually loved it in here! It was so cozy! I knew we had a long drive so I went to the bedroom and changed into some sweats. Justin still wasn't here yet, I found the couch and flopped down. I don't remember falling asleep..

When I woke it had to be like 5 pm. I can't believe I slept that long! I noticed Justin laying next to me one hand on my stomach the other holding his phone. " Hey sleepyhead." Justin said and gave a little laugh. " Well I was gonna give you a kiss but.." I said. " C'mon I want a kiss!" Justin moaned. I stood up from the couch and shook my head. Then I crossed my arms so my cleavage showed and bit my lip. " Pleaseee?!" Justin begged from the couch. " Nope!" I said. Then he got up from the couch, I ran trying to escape him. " You little tease!" He yelled. I let out a few giggles. He found me a grabbed my hips, " You have to kiss me now!" He grinned. I was able to escape his grip and I ran to the other end of the bus but Justin gently tackled me to the couch. " No one escapes me!" He said. " Oh really?" I said. " Yes!" He said then he leaned down and kissed me, I kissed back. We were interrupted by Ryan and Chaz, " Whoa! We better not come in here later tonight!" Chaz said and gave Ryan a nod at us. " You got that right!" Justin said and began kissing my neck. Ryan whistled. I started turning red, " Okay shut up you guys!" I said. Justin stopped kissing my neck and pulled me closer so I could tuck my head in his chest. " You are making my baby blush!" Justin said. " I'm not blushing." I said. " What do you call it then?" He laughed. I gave him a little punch. " You better stop now or there won't be anything later tonight? Isn't that right Hannah?" Ryan said. I pulled away from Justin's chest " Somebody should really take your advice!" I said and looked at Justin. 

" Pizza is here!" Chaz yelled. We all went and grabbed a piece. " Who wants a match at Xbox?" Justin asked. " I do!" I yelled. " You don't even know how to play." He said. " Well why don't you teach me baby?" I said. " Okay now press that button, there you go!" Justin said. " Alright I'm gonna join now, you okay by yourself?" He asked. " Yes!" I said. I was actually kinda getting the hang of it. I saw somebody flash by the screen and I quickly shot. That was until I found out I had shot Justin's character. Ryan and Chaz burst out laughing. I slowly looked at Justin but he was already staring at me. I couldn't contain my laughter any longer. " You think this is funny hey?" He asked. I just laughed harder. Then Justin came over and threw me over his shoulder. " You're mine now!"  he said. Ryan and Chaz were grinning ear to ear, as they left. He flopped me down on the bed. And pulled off his shirt and jeans and came and laid next to me. " Baby it's a good thing I love you!" He whispered into my ear. 

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