Hannah meets Justin, however from bad experiences she finds her self feeling unable to love anyone fully. As they get closer Justin begins to wonder... What's gonna make her fall in love? When disaster stricks and life seems impossible... Will Justin be the anchor she holds on to?


25. I'm Sorry

As soon as Justin walked in the door everybody gave a little cheer. Some guys soon came over and dragged him " Don't get too drunk!" I said. His buddies answered with " Oh he will!" I just rolled my eyes and found some ladies to chat with. " Hey Hannah get your ass over here!" I heard one of his buddies yell. " Well I guess I better go check on them!" I said laughing and left the table. I walked over to them and the same guy that called me over whistled. I had never met him. " Well hello there.." He said, while slurring his words. Justin walked over to me and placed his hands on my butt, " She's all mine!" He grinned. I could tell he had too much to drink already. Then he finished his drink and slammed it on the table, " C'mon guys!" He yelled. They made  their way to the dance floor, and began busting out some moves. Adding a few loud shouts and noises. I went over to Justin, " You have had way to much to drink. " He pulled me in for a sexy kiss, I could strongly taste the alcohol. Then we pulled away. " Don't tell me how much I've had to drink!" He said. I pulled away from him and took off. He shrugged his shoulders and continued dancing. He was such an ass when he was drunk. Chaz came over to me, " You wanna dance?" He asked. I grabbed his hand and we got to the dance floor. We were just jumping around and laughing, having a great time! Until Justin came over... " She's mine!" He yelled and gave Chaz a little shove. Before I knew it Justin tackled him to the floor. I eventually split it up. " Seriously Justin?" I said. Then I pulled him out the door and onto the beach, which was right outside the club. I wasn't saying anything to him! I was pissed off! Chaz was just being nice, it's not like we were dancing on each other or anything. He pulled off his shirt, " Lets go skinny dipping." He said and grinned at me. I didn't say anything. Then he came over and pulled me in by my hips. He tried kissing me but I pulled away. " C'mon babe what's wrong?" He asked. " I don't wanna talk to you about it while you are so drunk." I said. Then I turned around and started heading back to the club. I felt arms around my waist. " You wanna dance babyyy?" He asked. " Sure but you and me are talking once you are actually thinking straight." I said. He just shrugged his shoulders, that made me mad but whatever... 
We got back in and Justin pulled me into him. " You are looking fineee babe!" He whispered into my ear. Justin threw me on his back and spun in circles while shouting. We danced and eventually went home.  Justin walked in the door and pulled me into him. " Now I just get you." He said and his hands found the zipper on my dress. I backed away " Justin not tonight I'm seriously not in the mood. " I said. " Are you mad at me?" He asked. I bit my lip, because yes I am! But soon Justin took off and made his way to the bathroom, he was puking. I decided to get ready for bed, he could care for himself. After a little while I heard him crawl into bed. He was out within seconds. I woke in the morning with Justin holding onto me. We he woke the first thing he said was " Im sorry." 
" I know you were drunk and all! But that's no excuse for acting like you did. Ok?" I said. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me even closer. "I know. Forgive me? Still love me?" He pleaded. I rested my head on his chest, " I'll always love you." 

Okk so I don't think I'll be ending the story after all! But I'm still thinking. Did u like that chapter? Please please COMMENT! Thanks <3 xx

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