Hannah meets Justin, however from bad experiences she finds her self feeling unable to love anyone fully. As they get closer Justin begins to wonder... What's gonna make her fall in love? When disaster stricks and life seems impossible... Will Justin be the anchor she holds on to?


30. Fall (part 1)

I couldn't stand it anymore! I slowly made my way to the bedroom and slid in next to Hannah. We had been through so much together, I wasn't letting her go. She yawned and stretched out then she noticed me beside her and rolled her eyes, turning away from me. I ran my hands through my hair. This was gonna harder than I thought. " Hannah can we please talk?" I asked. She let out a deep breath and turned her back towards me even more. I placed my hand on her arm and tried getting her to look at me. She didn't do anything. " C'mon look at me!" I said in a calm voice. Then I placed my hands on her hips and pulled her body to mine. " Justin.." She said. " Please listen to me!" I said. Then she pulled away from me and looked at me. " Fine talk!" She said. " I have something special planned for you today." I said. " Ya well I ain't going." She said. And with that she climbed out of bed...

I heard the shower running, I got out of bed and went into the bathroom. " Justin?" She asked. I didn't say anything. " K get out!" She said. I slipped my boxers off and snuck into the shower. I then wrapped my arms around her belly. " Justinnn." She moaned. I kissed her neck, " Please go! I'm sorry." I said. She pulled out if my grip and turned around so she was facing me. The water was running down her naked body. " Are you really sorry? Or just saying that?" She asked. I looked at her sympathetically then I placed my hands on her shoulders and pressed her against the shower wall and kissed her. I knew she wanted to kiss back but she didn't. Eventually I pulled away. " Just go." I said and left the shower. 

When she walked out if the bathroom her hair was up in a bun and she had on jean short shorts and a ruffle tank top. She looked at me then away. I walked over to her, " Look I have to go to the arena, but please go! Melissa and my mom were looking forward to this!" I said. And gave her cheek a kiss then I left the bus. 

Hannah's POV:  I had no idea what Justin had planned today but I didn't wanna go. I was still a little mad at him but a part of me wanted to forgive him. I mean I still loved him more than anything. 
" Hannah you are going! No buts!" Melissa and Pattie were over trying to convince me I had to go. " But he accused me of having a thing with Devon and then telling me I couldn't even talk to him! And then all you say is sorry? No I'm not going!" I said crossing my arms. " That was Justin being jealous I know he regrets it all!" Pattie assured me. " Exactly! You're being childish! Get your sexy ass in that dress we bought!" Melissa yelled at me. Pattie laughed " She's right!" I laughed " Fine!" I put on the dress and Pattie insisted on curling my hair. Then Melissa did my makeup. " Ok I'm so confused why am I all dressed up? When Justin's concert starts in a hour?" I asked. 

" Ok Hannah! Follow the clues it shouldn't be very hard! Justin wouldn't want you to get lost!" Melissa told me. " Ok but I'm still so confused why am I so dressed up for a scavenger hunt?" I asked. " Just go already!!" Melissa yelled. " Ok ok I'm out the door!" I yelled. The first clue I figured out had to be at the beach where our first 'date' was! I grabbed a taxi and went there. This was becoming very fun! He had great clues and they all had to do with our relationship. But I wanted him here to do it with me. But I was told I had to do it alone. Apparently it was my thinking time? Whatever that means? The last clue had to be the arena! But Justin was probably on stage right now? I got a taxi to take me there. I had to call Fredo once I was there to let me in. " Hey Hannah! You look amazing!" He smiled at me. " Thanks!" I said. " Umm could you help me? I'm stuck! I don't understand I'm here! Where's the next clue or whatever?" I asked. Fredo grinned at me, " Maybe you should go find Justin!" He said. Now I was more confused! What is going on?


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