Hannah meets Justin, however from bad experiences she finds her self feeling unable to love anyone fully. As they get closer Justin begins to wonder... What's gonna make her fall in love? When disaster stricks and life seems impossible... Will Justin be the anchor she holds on to?


31. Fall (final chapter!)

**A/N** Please read Authors note at the end.. It's long but important! 

Fredo wouldn't say anything else so I snuck out into the audience to see what was going on. I forgot how amazing it is out here! With all the lights and screaming beliebers! It  feels like home. I saw Justin on stage he had his guitar slung over his shoulder and was standing on the thing that takes him over the audience. " So I'm looking for a special person to join me up here? " he said. The fans screamed. " By the name of Hannah?" He grinned. I couldn't go up there! No I I I couldn't! Then my phone vibrated new text message: Pattie: Go up there! 
Wait! She was here? How'd she know? What? I took a deep breath and walked towards the stage. Justin caught my eye. I made it to the stage without being attacked, and the body guard lifted me up. Justin's face lit up when he saw me. I walked over and he pulled me into a hug. " You all know Hannah right? " he asked. The whole building erupted in screams. I closed my eyes and took it in. Then Justin grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the platform with him. He clipped something onto me and before I knew it it started moving through the crowd. He began singing Be Alright and I sung along and waved at fans. " How would you guys feel if I shared something special with you all tonight?" Justin asked. " This next song I've never sang to anyone before! But it's really special and personal to me." He said. Then he began strumming the strings of his guitar. " Well let me tell you a story.." 

This was so incredible I was gonna cry. Justin finished the song and wouldn't take his eyes off me. I was trying to hold myself together. Then he placed his guitar down and put one foot under the other. " Hannah Juliet Miller will you marry me?" He spoke and his eyes never left mine. I swallowed, " Yes of course!" I tried to giggle but the tears just flowed. He slipped the gorgeous ring on my finger and wiped the tears under my eyes. He pressed his lips to mine and they felt just right staying there. We pulled away and I hugged him tight. Looking out into the crowd at all the beautiful faces,  listening to the screams of the faithful beliebers, and feeling the arms of Justin around me... The amazing person I was going to marry! 

**A/N** That was my first ever story Fall!! I hope you guys loved it! I enjoyed writing it and I'm thankful for you guys the ones who read it! If you really want a sequel I maybe could do one? But I was thinking if starting a whole new Justin Bieber fanfiction.. I might call it Eye on You? 
Tell me what you think please!!!! Love u all so much :)

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