Hannah meets Justin, however from bad experiences she finds her self feeling unable to love anyone fully. As they get closer Justin begins to wonder... What's gonna make her fall in love? When disaster stricks and life seems impossible... Will Justin be the anchor she holds on to?


9. Different

Justin and I headed back to the hotel so he could shower and I could change and fix my hair a bit. Apparently the place we were goin to was fancy so I put on my red dress, and curled my hair, touching up my eyeliner. I felt strong arms wrap around my slim waist. He rested his head on my bare shoulders. " You look amazing babe." He whispered in my ear. I turned around and he slowly, carefully kissed my lips. " Have I ever mentioned how good of a kisser you are?" I asked
He grinned and pulled up my chin kissing me again even more passionately this time. Then he reached for my hand and led me out the door. Pattie was already there when we arrived. She smiled at us and Justin went over for a hug. " So this is the gorgeous gal my sons been privileged to have!" I laughed and Justin introduced us, Pattie pulled me into a hug. I sat next to Justin with Alfredo, Scooter, Pattie, Ryan, Chaz, Dan. We ordered our food and Pattie began asking me some questions. Justin knew I was nervous and held my hand, squeezing it every once in a while. " So are you in school or?" She asked.
" Im currently in University for Dance." I replied. " Wow! I would love to watch you sometime!" She exclaimed. " Yeah that would be good!" I replied. Our food came and Justin began feeding me. I laughed at him, but it was really nice! Eventually the night was over and we headed to the tour bus. I was extremely tired so I cleaned up and headed to bed. Justin was busy on his laptop, he told me he would join me soon. " Justin! She exactly how you described her! So sweet, polite, everything I had dreamed of for you!" I overheard Pattie. Then she got quieter. " Um Justin I'm sorry I couldn't help but notice the cuts on her wrists. " " Yeah I know ok! You don't have to tell me I get it." I heard him getting angry. " Relax Justin I just wanted to know why." She told him. " Yeah she had some problems in her past ok? She's good now!" He replied taking a deep breath. They talked a litter but I couldn't make the rest out and I soon fell asleep.

I came into bed and I saw her laying there sleeping peacefully, her hair flowing down her back. Her long eyelashes brushed against her flaw-free skin. I pulled off my shirt and climbed in next to her, enjoying her warmth. I cuddled closer. Gently playing with her hair, being sure not to wake her. I was upset at my mom for bringing up her self harm past. It made me sad knowing how much pain she went through before. I held her tighter just wanting to protect her from anything that came along. I have never loved a girl the way I loved her. She was so special. So precious. One of a kind...

Before I realized it today was the last day before she was heading home. I wanted to spend every minute with her. When I woke I noticed Hannah standing by her dresser only in her black underwear and bra. " Morning Hannah!" I turned and grinned, really enjoying her current clothing state. She jumped obviously startled. " Come here babe!" I said, flashing her a smile. She was about to throw a shirt over her head, when I stopped her. " No, like right now baby." He told me again smiling. I rolled my eyes at him. " please!" He begged. I put down the shirt and walked over to the bed. He lifted the sheets and I climbed in, he pulled me on top of him. I rested my arms on his chest and looked into his eyes. " Have I mentioned how pretty you are?" He asked. " Yes babe." I smiled and kissed his collar bone. He shuttered a little from the kiss. " You shouldn't do that babe." He said. I began showering him in little kisses starting on his collar bones and then his neck finishing with a kiss on his perfect lips. He pulled me in for a deeper kiss. I wrapped my legs around his waist and we shared a sweet, sexy kiss. Then I rolled off of him. " So what you wanna spend our last day doing, Justin?"

We filled the day up doing everything we could think of. He taught me how to surf, we relaxed on the beach. Went to the mall. Got some pics with fans. Went for supper. After all that we went to the bus and changed. I slipped into some short jean shorts and a loose t shirt. Justin had some jeans, high tops, and a v neck. He grabbed his skate board and we headed out. He hopped on it and I ran slightly catching up with him. It was a beautiful day the sun just setting wind blowing in my hair. " Hey u wanna try?" Justin asked.
" Why not?!" I laughed.
I jumped on and he gave me instructions I was doing pretty good going at a good pace. Then I felt tippy and he was right there holding me. " Don't worry, just trust me, Im here." I smiled at him. Then we stopped at a ice cream shop and went to the beach to watch the sun set. When we got there Justin laid down and I laid with him resting my head on his chest. We talked a little. It was perfect. I wanted to stop time right here...

Eventually we went back and crawled into bed for some cuddling time. As he held me tighter and cuddled. I laughed " You are such a suck."
" But you like it." He said.
I couldn't lie I really did!
Morning came and I had to pack up all my stuff. He took me to the airport to board my plane. As I was about to leave to get on he pulled me closer and closed his eyes and passionately kissed me. Then he pulled me into a sweet hug, I breathed in taking in his cologne. I wanted to stay in his arms. But eventually I got on that plane. He would be home soon but for now I needed to access what this past week or so meant....
Because something inside me felt different... I wasn't sure what kind of different it was.
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