Hannah meets Justin, however from bad experiences she finds her self feeling unable to love anyone fully. As they get closer Justin begins to wonder... What's gonna make her fall in love? When disaster stricks and life seems impossible... Will Justin be the anchor she holds on to?


17. Candles

" So they are kicking you out because of your drinking and driving?" He asked. " Yeah, and now I don't have a school anymore or a future in dance because no one is gonna let a drunk into their  school." I said. " C'mon babe don't talk like that. You don't know that for sure." He said and planted a kiss on my shoulders.  " Yeah well I don't know." I said. " We'll figure it out. Don't worry! I gotta head out and do an interview! But I will see you soon!" He turned my face and gave me a kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in for a deeper kiss, we slowly pulled away. Then he got up and left the bathroom. I stepped out of the tub and wrapped a towel around myself. I dried my hair and put on some clothes. These past weeks have been nothing but lazy days for me, I couldn't go to school I was kicked out, so I spent the time in the gym trying to get back into my tip top shape. I wasn't sure what my life had in store at this point. I was baking some cookies when Justin came into the kitchen. " Hey gorgeous!" He whispered in my ear. Wrapping his arms around my stomach. He placed his hands on my abs and I flexed them. " Somebody's been working out!" He grinned at me. Then he snatched up a cookie. Getting chocolate all over his lips. I laughed at him. " You've got chocolate all over your mouth!" I said between giggles. He came closer to me looking for a kiss. I hid my face but he began tickling me and got his kiss. Then I snuck the whip cream out of the fridge and gave him a sexy look he came closer wanting another kiss. I sprayed the whip cream all over his face and in his mouth. Then I took of in a jog escaping him. But soon he had his arms on my waist and spun me around, I tried holding on to the whip cream but he was too strong! He sprayed it all in my mouth, missing a bit and getting it all over my lips. Then he gently took my face in his hands and pressed his plump lips to my whip cream covered lips. After we pulled apart I giggled at him, he was adorable! " Go shower." He told me. " What? Do I smell?!" I asked confused. He laughed " No u don't smell but I'm taking you out tonight!" " You are?" I asked still confused. Then he grinned at me " Well only if u want,  my girl."He said. " Of course, I'd love to but what about the cookies?" I asked. " Don't worry about that I'll clean up! Just go get ready!!" He laughed. I bolted up the stairs and had a quick shower. Then I dried my hair and put on this really pretty dress Justin bought me. Put my hair up in a bun. Put on a little mascara, my heels and perfume! I was good to go!  I took the stairs carefully. As I was going down Justin greeted me halfway. " You need to go change!" He said all serious. " What?" I asked confused and a little hurt. " You look too good for me!" He said smiling. " You should've seen your face!" He laughed. I punched him gently in the abs. " It was a joke babe!" He said pulling me closer and kissing me. 
Then he slipped his hand in mine and we headed off. 
The restaurant was amazing. We fed each other, held hands, laughed, kissed. It was perfect! We were walking down the beach, it was fairly dark but we could still see. It was romantic! That was until I felt a raindrop. Before long it was coming down heavy.  We were running trying to get back to the house. Justin stopped and put his hands on my jaw he slowly tilted his head, closed his eyes and gently kissed me with so much passion. Then we took off running until we finally reached our house. I was freezing and wet, ready to curl up next to Justin! We got through the door and I was shaking. " You cold?" Justin asked. I nodded. He came over and whispered in my ear " I can fix that." In a super seductive voice. We began kissing and soon he picked me up bridal style while we were still kissing. He then carried me up the stairs and into the bedroom, when he carried me  in, the room was lit by candles so it was dim and comfortable, the floor had rose pedals scattered. He shut the door with his foot. And set me down on the bed. We made love.

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