Hannah meets Justin, however from bad experiences she finds her self feeling unable to love anyone fully. As they get closer Justin begins to wonder... What's gonna make her fall in love? When disaster stricks and life seems impossible... Will Justin be the anchor she holds on to?


7. Blowing him a kiss

Hannah was already fast asleep. I decided to check my phone before falling asleep. Message from Scooter: Hey Justin just reminding you we are heading off on tour on Friday.
Shit! I totally forgot about that! I hadn't even talked to Hannah about it yet. She was pretty busy and school so I doubted she could take the 2 weeks off. We were just staying in the US for a couple shows nothing big... But STILL! I couldn't even begin to image leaving her for that long. There wasn't a day I didn't hear her calming voice. I crawled closer to her, loving her warmth and sweet scent. I didn't sleep much that night.

"Hey beautiful!" Justin smiled. He was sitting in a chair across the room. Immediately he came over looking for a kiss. I tucked my head into my pillow. " I have morning breath!" I complained.
" No u don't!" He smirked
" Yes I do!" I mumbled
" Like it matters!" He smirked again
Then he began tickling me. Which he knew turned me into a laughing fit. I began squirming around and laughing until my lips were visible. He didn't waste any time giving me a passionate kiss. I crossed my arms after he was done, just to bug him. " You want me to tickle you again?" He teased. I just smirked back at him. He placed himself over me and tickled me. I began squirming again, finally begging him to stop. We shared another kiss, before he rolled over laying down next to me. It was silent for a while before Justin spoke up. " So uh, here's the deal I got to go on tour for 2 weeks." He spoke quietly.
" when do u leave?" I asked
" Friday" He mumbled
" That's in 2 days Justin!" I protested
He rolled over facing me. " I know babe, but maybe you could talk to your school and get a little time off?" He asked
" Ya I guess worth a try, it's just I'm so busy right now!" I complained
He kissed my cheek and wrapped his arms around me.
I got up and crawled into his huge shower. I kept thinking of lines to use to try and get the days off. Nothing seemed to click well. I turned off the water and peeked out through the glass door looking for a towel. Where the hell is all his towels? I mentally asked myself. " Justin?" I yelled at the top of my lungs. " Ya babe?" He replied
" Where are all your towels?" I asked
" Oh sorry I was doing laundry at forgot to bring some up there, ill bring you one just give me a sec." He replied
I heard him open the bathroom door and walk to the shower. I opened the door and he wrapped the towel around my naked body. Then he winked at me and shut the door.
I changed into some clothes and headed downstairs. There he had breakfast made and waiting for me. I stared at him in awe and thanked him. " Im gonna drive u down to the university and you can explain your situation after breakfast?" He offered
As I was eating I caught him looking deeply at me. " Babe I've never seen a girl as beautiful as you." I smiled at him and planted a kiss on his cheek. " Save that for after we find out." I replied
It took a lot of convincing and promising to allow her to consider giving me some time off. She eventually gave in on 1 condition that I practiced my steps while I was gone. But that was more than ok! As I walked out of her room Justin was chillin at the wall wearing designer jeans, a red hoodie, sneakers, his gold watch and a SnapBack. I immediately went over and wrapped my arms around his neck and slowly kissed him, if he was surprised he recovered quickly kissing me back. Then he pulled away. " So.." He began
" I got 2 and a half freaking weeks babe!" I exclaimed
He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me into a hug I closed my eyes resting my head on his shoulder. Then we headed to my place so I could pack my belongings. He tried his best helping me but I just sent him off to go to something. When I was finally done Justin and I sat down with some pizza and watched a movie. Cuddled up close to him I couldn't be happier. Before long it was the first concert and I watched from the side with Alfredo. Watching him up there and seeing how happy the beliebers were brought joy to my heart. I knew he loved doing this. I caught him looking at me alot during the show. Afterward we headed to the hotel and Justin couldn't wait to experiment the pool. I pulled on my bikini and joined him although I preferred to sit and watch him and his buds Ryan and Chaz goof off. " Hey why don't u join us?" Justin teased
" No I think I'll stay" I teased back
I knew what was coming I tried my best to run away on the slippery pool deck but he caught me and had me in his arms I began squirming but that didn't stop him he tossed me into the pool. When I was back to the surface Justin and his buds were laughing there butts off. I just glared at him and crawled out of the pool standing near the pool I put on my pissed off face. " Ohhh somebody's in trouble!" Chaz teased. Justin taking the hint joined me on deck and tried apologizing. I couldn't help but smile I then pushed him off the deck into the water. When he reached the surface I was leaving through the door I turned and blew him a kiss.
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