Hannah meets Justin, however from bad experiences she finds her self feeling unable to love anyone fully. As they get closer Justin begins to wonder... What's gonna make her fall in love? When disaster stricks and life seems impossible... Will Justin be the anchor she holds on to?


21. All Was Good

I had my legs wrapped around Justin's waist, our arms holding each other. Justin's hand was rubbing my back, he moved it to my hair and played with it gently. Looking deeply into my eyes as he did so. We both didn't know what the future truly held. How would we tell the team, parents, friends... Beliebers! It was all a scary blur! I wanted to tell Pattie first, she was like the mom I never had. But for right now it was Justin and I. I wanted to figure so much out right now. " Justin?"I said. " Ya." He answered. "Can we talk about... Telling everyone?" I asked. " You know when you were in the crash, I remember sitting in the chairs watching you and hell I was confused why? I kept asking myself why these things happen and I tried to believe something good was gonna come of it all." " And now I realized why, that accident brought us closer." He finished. I felt my eyes get watery, I brought my lips to his, closing my eyes, breathing in the scent of this amazing guy. Then he pulled away. " So now I know that something good has got to come from this." He said.
And I whispered "I sure hope."

I woke and Justin was still sleeping next to me, he looked like a baby when he slept, which made him so more attractive. I slipped out of his grip and pulled on a hoodie then I went downstairs. I started making breakfast when I heard Justin " Hannah? Where are you baby?" Then I heard him race down the stairs and pretty soon he had me wrapped in his arms. He nuzzled his head in my hair. " There you are! I missed you!" He said. " Don't be silly I wasn't gone for that long." I said. " Doesn't matter." He said. Then he began kissing my neck, then he slipped his hands under my hoodie and gently pinched my sides. I started giggling and struggled to flip the pancake. That only encouraged him more he continued doing it. " Justin" " Justin" " stop" I said in between giggles. I managed to flip it, I set down the flipper and turned to face him. He immediately smiled at me and pulled me into a kiss. It was sweet and when we pulled apart I could still feel it on my lips. " You just couldn't wait could you?" I teased. He laughed, " Surprising?" 
" No... Not at all!"I teased. He then slipped his hands under my shirt and placed them on my growing baby bump. " Oh oh is that a kick?" He asked. He grabbed my hand and placed it with his. Sure enough there was a kick. We just grinned at each other. " What's the plan for today?" I asked. " I'm free!" He said. " Really?" I asked. " Yep." He said. " Good, we got a lot of stuff to figure out." I said. " Cuddle time first?" He asked, then gave me a puppy dog face. " And talking!" I said. He grinned and pulled me to the couch, he laid  down and I curled up next to him, he pulled a blanket over us. Then he moved my hair from my neck and began kissing it. I enjoyed it for awhile but we needed to talk. I pulled away slight but he continued. " Justin, please?" I asked. He looked at me. " I just wanna love you baby." He whispered in my ear. " I know that and I appreciate it but I really wanna talk!" I asked. " Please for me?" I asked again. " Alright." He said. Then I felt his hot breath on my neck " later then." 
Justin walked in the door and immediately flopped down on the couch. Yes we had just told the whole team and the fans. It was pretty exhausting and scary. But I guess you could say things went... Well. " Come here!" He said. I walked over to him and crawled on top of him. " Ow, that's not quiet so comfortable." I said. " Bump getting in the way?" He asked. " Ya." I said. He stood up. " Lay down." He said. I did and he placed himself over me, being careful not to press on my belly. Then he pulled the hair out of my face, gently placed his hands on my face and pressed his lips to mine. It sent feelings all down my body. Then he moved them to my neck and collar bones. He must've noticed how I was slowly fading so he wrapped his hands around my back. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he picked me up. Carrying me up the stairs hand into bed. He set me down and placed his hands on my belly, slowly rubbing it, until we fell asleep. All was good... At least for now. 

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