One Direction Imagines

This is a collection of imagines written for any kind of Directioner. I will not write personal parts but I will take requests. Comment what kind of story you want and which boy and I will do my best! :D


4. Imagine #4 - Zayn

You hadn't been feeling very well, on and off for a few weeks now. You called your friend to ask if she would come over. She told you that she would be at you house in about ten minutes. While you waited you tried to figure out what was wrong with you. You had been nauseous and had occasional stomach aches along with swollen ankles and headaches. But weirdly enough you ate a bit more than usual and was constantly gaining weight. Your friend walked through your front door, interrupting your thought. "I did a bit of research on the Internet and from what you said your symptoms are I think I may know what's wrong." You weren't sure if you even wanted to know, judging by her facial expression you could tell that she was worried. She followed you to your room and set her bag down on the floor. She unzipped it and pulled out a grocery store bag with a box inside. "As soon as you said that you were constantly nauseous with headaches, swollen feet, and weight gain, I knew only one thing that it could be. To make sure i also did some research only to find that I was unfortunately right," she paused and put her hand on your stomach, "Pregnant" you said in unison. "No,no, no! I can't be pregnant!" You yelled at your friend she handed you the a box of pregnancy tests. 

(After you took the tests)

You made your friend look at them first, you didn't want to see them. "All little pink lines, Y/N you are pregnant"she said pointing at the tests laying in the sink. You immediately thought to yourself, "What if Zayn doesn't want a baby?" You had been dating Zayn Malik from One Direction for two years and you were head over heels in love with him. You fiddled with your T-shirt, looked at your friend, and asked, "What am I going to do?! What if Zayn doesn't want me or our baby?! What if he leaves me for someone prettier and not pregnant?!" Tears began to stream down your face. "Don't worry Y/N, Zayn will love you no matter what. You are beautiful and you can tell him tomorrow on your date." Your friend said, attempting to comfort you. Uh Oh! You had completely forgotten that tomorrow was the two year anniversary of you and Zayn's relationship! You had a huge date planned at a five star restaurant! 

(Next evening)

You looked through your closet, trying to find a nice dress that fit loosely over your big belly. You didn't want it to stand out. Your hand finally stopped over a sparkly, silver, ruffly dress that you had gotten with Zayn when you went to Italy the year before. You slid it over your head and put on your makeup. You heard a familiar knock on your front door. "Coming!" You yelled walking towards the door. Your hand grasped the door knob and pulled it open. "Hey baby! I missed you!" Zayn said giving you a hug. You shuddered when you heard the word baby. He noticed and look worried, "You okay?" You nodded and tried not to look him dead in the eye. "Well, lets get to dinner!" He glanced at his phone, checking the time. "Um, o-okay" you stuttered. You got in his car and turned out of your driveway, heading to the restaurant. "Zayn, if I knew a secret that could potentially hurt someone or me, but could also be a wonderful surprise, well would you want me to tell you?" You didn't want to lie to him, but you didn't want him to leave you. "Um, we'll it depends. Do this secret have anything to do with the two of us?" He said, his eyes on the road and his hand in your knee. "Zayn, I'm p-pregn-nant" You lost it, the tears that had begun to form in your eyes began to stream down your face. Zayn made a sharp U-turn and tightened his grip on your knee, making sure you didn't fall. "Really?" He asked. You nodded, biting your bottom lip. Here it comes, you thought, the part were he leaves me for someone better. The car pulled to a sudden stop, Zayn got out and went to open the door for you, helping you out of your seat. "You remember this place?" He asked. You looked up, the tears continued to fall. It was the park were Zayn took you on your first date. You had, had a picnic and then layer on the hill under a big willow tree and star gazed. His hand slipped into yours and said, " Our baby is going to love this place." He grabbed something out of his pocket and began to kneel. "Y/N, was take this ring as a promise from me to love you and our baby until the end of my days." You slumped you shoulders and nodded, you thought he was going to ask- " and I hope that it counts as your promise to me to marry me. Please will you make me the happiest man alive and say 'I do' on our wedding day. Please let me try my hardest to be the best husband, father, and friend to you and the baby. Please-" You pressed your lips against his and hugged him tightly. "I'll take that for a yes!" He said. "I do." You said smiling. You never did end up going on that anniversary date, you kissed each other under the stars and planned out baby names. You were married under the big willow tree and baby Malik, now named Selene was born a month after your wedding. Selene was Greek goddess of the moon and the night, you both thought it fit perfectly.

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