One Direction Imagines

This is a collection of imagines written for any kind of Directioner. I will not write personal parts but I will take requests. Comment what kind of story you want and which boy and I will do my best! :D


3. Imagine #3 - Harry

"Ow! Gosh Harry!" You laughed jokingly. You had lost a bet with your longtime boyfriend, Harry Styles, over some lame prank. His prize was to do your hair for one of your photo shoots. You were a champion runner and had won three Olympic gold medals for your sport. On the side you modeled for an athletic wear company. Harry had you sit down on the edge of his bed and close your eyes. After about an hour of boredom, pulled hair, and giggles he finally guided you to a mirror. "Three, two, one..." He lifted his hands from your eyes. "Observe my masterpiece!" He said proudly. You looked at him and rolled your eyes. "You like?" He asked with a grin. Your jaw dropped. "Harry! It's beautiful!" He smiled as you played your hair. He had perfectly french-braided your hair and then wrapped it into a bun and two crystal hair pins held it into place. "Having a sister really does pay off." He said with a smile. You have him a hug. "You know I think I should let you do my hair for every shoot!" He laughed and then kissed you. "You could have a professional do your hair and you would still be beautiful. You don't need my help." You reached your hand up to his face and brushed one of his curls to the side. "Promise me one thing." You said, your face buried in his chest. "Anything for you Y/N." he replied. "Promise me that you will always be my Hazza." He looked you in the eyes and said, "only if you will always be my baby." You let for your photo shoot, the whole car ride you never let go of his hand.
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