One Direction Imagines

This is a collection of imagines written for any kind of Directioner. I will not write personal parts but I will take requests. Comment what kind of story you want and which boy and I will do my best! :D


2. Imagine #2 - Liam

"We had some good times b-boys..." Liam's voice cracked as a lump creeped to his throat. Memories flashed through his mind from him and the boys on the stairs to playing Madison Square Garden to helping in Kenya. He shakily reached his hand into his pocket. His hand closed around a picture, now dotted with finger prints and one corner was torn. Tears started dripping down his lined face, running into the creases on his eyes. You could barely make anything out of the old photograph, five smudged silhouettes on huddled in a circle. But you could tell what is was. It was One Direction's first ever group hug. Liam traced his finger in a figure eight over the worn piece of history. You through open your arms, you too were beginning to cry. Watching your beloved husband like this was too much for your fragile heart to take. Your tears stained each other's close as you embraced, muffling your silent sobs. Liam pulled away, placing his hand over his heart then slowly, slowly, creeping down. He pointed towards his walker where four white roses lay, perfectly arranged and tied with a black, silk ribbon. You knew what he meant. You cautiously picked up the bundle of flowers, eyes still watering, and hand them to him. He sighed and whispered "Let's sing the crowd one last song to remember us bye..." He held the flowers to his heart, it was almost as if even the roses were weeping. Liam closed his crinkled eyes and began, "Forever young, I wanna be forever young..." Your gaze shifted to four little birds, each completely different, began to tweet along to your husband's song. You smiled as you felt the lump sneak back up your throat. The song finished and Liam placed a flower on each of the four headstones in front of you. "Who would have thought that I would ever be the last one..." Liam said with a sigh. The biggest of the birds hopped towards the first roses and Liam raised his hand to swat it away. Your hand gently connected with his, as you nudged his hand down. "These birds are so beautiful, each of them unique. Who do they remind y-" Your words were cut short, the birds all hobbled towards each flower. They picked the petals off of the stem and flew up in the air. Liam angrily looked up and opened his mouth ready to speak. Just as the first syllable escaped, you felt something land on your head. You reached your hand and felt something cold and a bit damp. You tilted your head towards the ground. More things began to rain down. "Look up." you heard Liam say. The little birds were dropping the petals onto you, Liam, and the Headstones of his band members. The birds circled one more time then flew towards the stones. A little Black Bird landed right on top of the words Zayn Malik, a Chickadee onto Niall's, a pigeon onto Louis, and a small white dove on Harry's. "It's nice to see you, too" Liam said with a smile. Hand in hand you two walked down the cobbles of the cemetery as a cheeky, little robin landed on the edge of Liam's walker. Thanks to the little birds you and Liam had, had the happiest July 23rd since the boys had been alive. "Thank you little birds, for making the anniversary of One Direction formation extra special" You said. You turned to Liam and gave a gentle peck on the lips.
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