One Direction Imagines

This is a collection of imagines written for any kind of Directioner. I will not write personal parts but I will take requests. Comment what kind of story you want and which boy and I will do my best! :D


1. Imagine #1 - Niall

"Niall! Are you blind? My dog's bum is prettier than Y/N!" You were checking your twitter and over half of the messages were completely filled with hate. "Guys don't worry about Niall won't be dating Y/N anymore! It was all a prank! He was dared to pick the most hideous girl he could find and date her! He broke up with her this morning!" You could deal with a little hate, sure it made you feel bad but you expected at least a little, but the last message you read was just too much to take. You continued scrolling and even googled it to see if it was true. At first you thought it was just a jealous fan but after everything you saw, it had to be true! The tears fell, hot on your cheeks and faint black squiggles began to form on your face as your mascara starting running. You got up from your sat your computer down on the edge of your bed and shoved your face in the pillows. The hateful words kept replaying like a tape stuck on repeat. Niall was on the Take Me Home world tour and you hadn't heard from him in a few days. What they were true? What if instead of breaking up he decided to ignore you for the rest of your life? You cried yourself to sleep with out eating dinner or changing your clothes.

*next day*

You slid out of bed, and looked at the clock, 10:58. You couldn't believe you had slept that late! For you sleeping in had always been a challenge, no matter how tired you are. Twisting your hair in a messy bun you walked to your dresser and pulled out a pair of sweatpants and one of Niall's shirts. You changed and went to your kitchen to get some breakfast. You grabbed your phone. Seven missed calls, six missed texts, and four voice mails. All from Niall. "At least he's not ignoring me." You said, all the sadness from the night before along with more suddenly rushed back to you. It was almost as if you could hear your already broken heart shatter into smaller pieces. You deleted the voice mails without listening and read the texts. All saying almost the same thing "please call me" You sighed. That was it, you couldn't take anymore of this heartbreak, your heart was already smashed to bits. "Niall, I just wanted to let you know that I wish you the best. If you never wanted to be with me then that's fine. I heard about the bet and I hope that you and whoever your true princess is are happy together. I'll miss you." Your thumb lingered over the send button. You closed your eyes and pressed it. Ten minutes later, your phone buzzed and you heard the text tone that Niall had recorded for if he sent you something. "It's meeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Y/N pick up your phone and text your boyfriend back!" You didn't want to see his response, but you picked your phone up anyway. "Knock-Knock!" You jumped, your heard your best friend yell from the door. "Coming!" You set you phone down and let her in, you had forgotten that she was coming over. You told everything that had happened and handed her your phone, you wanted her to see the message first. She looked at her watch, "Y/N! Turn on the TV! Channel 913 hurry!" You obeyed. You saw the boys sitting on a big sofa with an interviewer in a chair to their left. "Why do I have to watch this?" You moaned. Your friend threw a pillow at you and said "Just watch!" You threw the pillow back at her and then returned to watching the television. Niall checked his watch the looked over his shoulder at the rest of the boys and they all nodded back. Louis jumped up from the couch and grabbed the microphone "Niall has something to say! Y/N if you are watching then listen up! Here you are Niall" Louis hands him the microphone. "Lately on Twitter people have been saying that I am only dating Y/N because I lost a bet. The truth is it's not true." You could see Niall's eyes begin to well up with tears. "I am ashamed of whoever came up with this lie and .whoever posted it or said it was true. This morning I received a text fromY/N saying..." He pulls out his phone to read the words you had written. "Niall, I just wanted to let you know that I wish you the best. If you never wanted to be with me then that's fine. I heard about the bet and I hope that you and whoever your true princess is are happy together. I'll miss you..." He reaches his arm to his face and wipes his eyes on his sleeves. "Congrats, to those of you who started this rumor. You have caused my heart to be broken. Why don't you get it? Y/N is my true princess and she will be whether she is seeing me or not. She is the most beautiful thing that has ever come into my life and now you have gotten her to leave me, all because you were jealous. Her eyes sparkle even in the dark, her hair flows like silk, and she has the face of an angel. But most of all she is the nicest person you will ever meet. She is perfect in every way and without her I am just-just..." Your eyes fill with tears and so do his. "Y/N if you are watching this and I hope you are, I love you as much as a man could ever love anyone and more. You are the sun to my sky, the lyrics to my song, and without you. Well, I can't live without you. I hope that we can get back together and maybe someday get married and have a family." Niall handed the microphone to the interviewer and sat back down. He put his head in his hands and began to cry. "I miss her so much..." Your friend dialed a number into your phone and handed it to you. You saw Liam jump and reach into his pocket. His phone had buzzed. He smiled, pushed the speaker phone button, and handed it to Niall. You yelled into the phone. "Baby, I will always love you! I thought you hated m." Niall cut you off "I would never hate you! You are my princess!" The interviewer turned to the camera and said, "There you have it folks, our fairy tale prince is back with his princess!"
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