summer love or longer?

jade and her sister Gabrielle live in California but ever since their dad died last month their mother has treated them like crap, so they decide to run away, they buy plane tickets to London. well lets just say something quite interesting happens.


13. were did that come from?

jades POV

me and louis were sitting on the ground in each others arms. "i havent met the rest of the boys yet" i say looking up at him "oh yeah, wanna go meet them now?" "yes please" i squeak, he gets up and puts out his hand out "can you carry me?" i asked with a puppy dog face "of course love" he turns around and i jump on his back he carries me to the main room were everyone is sitting we walk in and everyone turns to look at us, "dani told us about your licking party" zayn says with a smile on his face, i blush like crazy and louis just laughs, louis puts me down and walks over to the chair to sit down, "i have no where to sit" i pout "you can sit on my lap love" louis says patting his legs, i scurry over to him and sit on his lap. "so are you guys dating?" harry asks "yuppies" i say back. perrie and the rest of the girls walk in and put their bags down "yay! your here" perrie squeals as she runs over and sits on zayns lap, Gabrielle comes in last with about 30 bags on each arm "damn girl you bought alot" i say, she just gives me a look "well are you all just gonna sit there or is someone gonna help me?" niall jumps up to help her. "okay! we need to discuss the sleeping arrangements" dani says "well all the girls have their own room" she says "liam can sleep with me" she continues, "im sleeping with jade" louis says and kisses my cheek "zayn is gonna sleep with me" perrie says "me and niall can sleep on the pull out couch" harry says. "yay its all sorted out, now can i introduce myself to all the boys?" i ask "of course" danielle says, i get up and walk up to harry "hi harry im jade" i say holding my hand out "hi jade im harry" he says shaking my hand, i move on to liam "hi liam im jade" "hi jade im liam", next niall "hi niall im jade" "hi jade im niall and i love food" i giggle and move on to zayn "hi zayn im jade" "hi jade im zayn" i move on to louis "hi louis im jade" i say with my hand out, he grabs my waist "hi sexy im louis" he says before kissing me passionately, we kissed for about a minutes when jade (from little mix) pried us apart. "hey jade can i talk to you?" gabrielle asks, i sigh and climb off louis "fine" i sigh, she guides me to her room, "you have barely said anything to me since we got here" she said looking at the ground "well im getting kind of tired of you and i just wanna hang out with my freinds" i say "you wanna hang out with your friends you've known a day and a half and not your sister you've known your whole life!" she shouted  "exactly, good talk" i say as im walk away she grabs my wrist and pulls me back "im not done bitch!!!" she yells at me, she doesnt usually cuss but only when shes really mad so i was scared. "sometimes people dont wanna hang out with the old boring people" i yelled back she slapped me really hard "im not boring im a fucking ray of sunshine!!!!" she yells really loud "ok you ray of sunshine you are probably gonna be just like mom when you are older!" i yell back she slaps me again even harder i start crying "im not gonna be like mom she is the devil!" she shouts "oh and your not?" i yell "if anyone is gonna be like mom its you, you've known louis 2 hours and you are already dating!" she yells back "at least i waited till i was 18 to date and not 4th grade like you!, and also i didnt lose my virginity when i was 13 im still a virgin! i yell really loudly she starts slapping me over and over again multiple times, at that point perrie comes in "what the is going on here? gabrille stop slapping her shes your little sister!" she shouts, gabrilelle doesnt listen and continues slapping me, i fall to the ground then gabrielle starts kicking me, "guys get in here!" perrie screams, everybody comes running in "do something!" perrie screams, zayn runs over an grabs gabrille, im sitting on the ground crying louis comes over and picks me up and lays me on the bed then everything goes dark.

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