summer love or longer?

jade and her sister Gabrielle live in California but ever since their dad died last month their mother has treated them like crap, so they decide to run away, they buy plane tickets to London. well lets just say something quite interesting happens.


1. life sucks

HI! I'm Jade let me tell you a little bit about me.

Name: Jade Turner

Age: 18

Description: i have long straight blonde hair down to my mid back, bright blue eyes, i like to wear pretty much  all styles of clothes depends on my mood.

i live with my mother  my sister who is pretty much my best friend. my sister and i are dancers, we have been back ground dancers for Kesha, Pixie Lott, Beyonce and, Britney Spears.


HI! I'm Gabrielle

Name: Gabrielle Turner

age: 19

Description: i have straight purple hair to my hips, blue eyes, i share clothes with my sister.




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