summer love or longer?

jade and her sister Gabrielle live in California but ever since their dad died last month their mother has treated them like crap, so they decide to run away, they buy plane tickets to London. well lets just say something quite interesting happens.


8. keep calm babe

Jades POV

we just got to the hotel we walked up to the front desk, we checked in and went up to our room on the 21st floor. "what number is it again?" i asked gabrielle who had the keys. " room 194". we got to our room and unlocked the door, "OMG this room is huge it has 7 bedrooms" i said to gabrilelle who was carrying in the bags, "why does it have 7 we only needed 2" she asked me looking confused, "about that ladies you will be staying with the ladies of little mix and a dancer named Danielle." simon said walking threw the door way.

gabrielles POV

"you will be staying with the ladies of little mix and a dancer named Danielle" simon told us, so many things were going threw my head like what if they dont like me? what if the dance is to complicated for me to learn? my thoughts were interrupted by jades high pitched shriek.

jade POV

i shrieked very loudly. "OMG we are staying little mix!!!!!!" i screamed while jumping up and down, "yes, todays rehearsals were canceled but the girls will be over soon so you can bond and do what ever girly things you do, bye ladies" he said picking up his keys, "ok thank you.." i stuttered  "simon" her told me "thank you simon" i said as he left. i clapped my hands togther "ok! lets unpack!" i said grabbing one of the bags, "ok i will unpack the shoes and random crap, and you unpack the clothes." he said while grabbing the duffel bag with shoes. i unzipped the suitcase and walked to dresser. *after 40 minutes of unpacking* me and just finished packing when there was a knock at the door, i walked over to the door and looked through the peep hole, i saw the one and only little mix standing there with their suit cases. "eeek gab they are here!" i said overly excited, " keep calm babe and open the door". i gave my self a quick slap in the face to calm down i took a deep breath, i opended the door.


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