summer love or longer?

jade and her sister Gabrielle live in California but ever since their dad died last month their mother has treated them like crap, so they decide to run away, they buy plane tickets to London. well lets just say something quite interesting happens.


6. holy turtle butter!

Jades POV

Jade and Gabrille!!! ms.cassidy shouted sounding excited. "oh my god thank you so much ms.cassidy!" gabrille and i replied in unison. "ok so now everyone start doing your stretches and Jade and Gabrielle go pack your bags you leave soon." ms.cassidy said to the whole class. " WAIT how soon?" Gabrielle asked with worry in her voice. "well its 12:00 PM right now an your plane leaves at 5:00 so hurry up" she said in reply to Gabrielle. *skip car ride*

"ok Gab (i call her that sometimes) go pack our clothes and i will pack the small things and other random crap" i told her as we were walking into the house. she ran up stairs to go pack.  i walked up stairs and headed towards the bathroom to pack our stuff from there.

Gabrielles POV  i went into Jades room to pack our clothes, i grabbed 2 suitcases and started packing. i packed most of our closet. i closed the suit cases and carried them down stairs. Jade came down stairs with a duffel bag full of stuff, "did you pack shoes?" she asked me. "crap no! BRB babe!" i yelled going back upstairs. i grabbed a duffel bag and went back to our closet, i packed about 20 pairs of shoes and different kinds,sandals,heels,converse/vans,flats. i went back down stairs to put the bag in the pile of the other bags. "are we ready to go?" i asked jade. "umm maybe we should change out of our dance clothes." she replied. "oh shit! i almost forgot" i replied back to her. we quickly ran up stairs for the third time and hopefully the last. we went into Jades room to change. we ha to pick out of the clothes left in the closet, i picked a tank top that says "fresh", coral colored jean shorts, and combat boots. Jade wore a ed sheeran t shirt,jean shorts with the one direction logo on the side, and sperrys. we ran back down stairs it was now 3 so we packed our bags in the car and drove back to the dance studio. *skip car ride* when we got there we ran in and grabbed our plane tickets and got back in the car and drove to the airport. when we got there it was 4 we went through security and then waited to board our plane. "flight 784 to london is now boarding we hopped up from our seats and boarded the plane. 

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