summer love or longer?

jade and her sister Gabrielle live in California but ever since their dad died last month their mother has treated them like crap, so they decide to run away, they buy plane tickets to London. well lets just say something quite interesting happens.


10. danielle or dani

jades POV

 we all finished unpacking an we were sitting on the couch watching tv, we heard a knock at the door and jesy got up to answer it, she opened the door and i saw a tall girl with ling big curly hair, she was really pretty, jesy took her bags and put them in her room. she greeted all the girl with hugs, she came up to me and shook my hand "hi im danielle but you can dani if you want, its nice to meet you." she said to me " hi dani im jade, its nice to meet you!" i replied back hugging her, she greeted gabrielle and then took a seat on the couch next to leigh-anne and then her phone started ringing "oh its my boyfriend, im gonna put it on speaker so you guys can talk to" "ok" we all replied.

*phone call- d= dani  l=liam  la= leigh-anne  p= perrie  je=jesy  j2= jade from lm  g= gabrielle  j=jade

d- hey babe

l- hello love

d- where are you?

l- we are on the tour bus, where are you?

d- im at the hotel with the girls and 2 of my new friends jade and Gabrielle

l- ooohh can i say hi?

d- of course hun!

l- yippie!

la- hi liam! i miss you! come see us soon.

l- we will leigh-anne im promise we will be there before you know it

p- hi bo! tell my baby i miss him!

l- ok ok i will perrie

je- hey pal!

l- hey bud!

j2- hello! my little pickle

l- hello! poopy boo

g- hi im Gabrielle!

l- hi im liam payne

g- liam payne from one direction?!

l- indeed love

j- hi liam im jade and im such a big directioner!

l- why hello love i hope one day soon we can meet!

d- well bo i will let you get back to chilling! love you!

l- love you babe see you soon.

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