summer love or longer?

jade and her sister Gabrielle live in California but ever since their dad died last month their mother has treated them like crap, so they decide to run away, they buy plane tickets to London. well lets just say something quite interesting happens.


12. damn hes sexy and now hes mine

danielles POV

the scream came jades room. "you guys stay here, im gonna go make sure she is ok". i said to all the boys as i ran to jades room. i opened the door and she was sitting on her bed with her head to her knees crying, i ran over to her and wrapped my arms around her, she picked her head up and wrapped her arms around me and cried into my shoulder, "are you ok hun?" i asked her with worry in my voice, "yeah i think, i just had a dream about my dad" she said through her tears, "im sorry, maybe i can cheer you up" i said as she picks her head up, "how?" she asks she looking superstitious, "come on in guys" i say as all the boys walked in the room. (niall eating a banana) jade was just sitting there staring, "is she ok" harry asked "umm jade" i asked waving my hand i n front of her face, "i got this" louis said strutting to the bed, he stopped right in front of jades face and licked her cheek, jade let out a little scream and snapped out of it, "hey babe" louis said winking at her "did you just lick my face?"  she asked wiping her cheek with her hand "no, a magical dog named waldo did" he said back with a sarcastic tone "wow you really are the sass masta". she says patting his head "damn straight girlllllllllllll" he said back proudly.

louis' POV

damn jade is hot,sassy,hot,nice,hot,pretty,hot,funny,hot i want her to be mine. eleanor did just break up with me so am i a single pringle ready to mingle.

jades POV

i jumped off the bed and walked to the kitchen i was looking in the fridge when someone slapped my ass, i spun around and saw louis standing there with a big smile on his face, "why the hell did you just slap my ass?" i said with my arms crossed over my chest, "i wanted you to move so i could get a beer." he said back i looked in the fridge and saw there was 1 beer left i grabbed it and opened it and started drinking it "hey! i was gonna drink that" louis wines "well i already am" i say back "i still want it" he says grabbing me, i squirm away from him and run into the other room he chases me and i hide behind a table and he comes up behind me tickles the beer spills all over me, he finally stops tickling me and takes the beer, "its empty!" he shouts "maybe because you spilled it all over me!" i shout back "i still want some beer" he says leaning closer to me "well you cant have any now" i say looking at him "well hun dont be so sure" hes say back, he starts licking my arms and neck i lean my head back, "mmm babe you taste so good" he says against my neck, he lifts his head up and looks at me, "you like licking girls dont you?"  "mot as much as i like kissing them" he says leaning in to my face "oh really" i say in my sexiest voice, he puts his finger on my lips and then stats kissing me, it lasts for about 30 seconds then he pulls away, "i know i just met you but i think i love you, will you be my girlfriend?"  "of course louis!" i squeak he hugs me, i pull away "im gonna go take a shower" i say standing up, "you dont need to" he pulls me back down and starts licking me again "i still need to take a shower because i got some went down my shirt" "i will get that when im done with your arms and neck" he says between licks all i can do is moan. louis continues licking me when danielle comes in "why are you licking jade?" "because i wanna lick my girlfriend" he says still licking me "girlfreind?" she asks shcoked "mmhmm" i moan she rolls her eyes and walks away. i look at louis, he lifts his head up and kisses me and say "im done with your arms and neck, wanna take off your shirt for me?" i remove my shirt and he continues licking.

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